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Cat's Eye becomes one of the entrances to smart homes, with sales exceeding 1. 9 billion units

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-26
At present, the internet giants have entered the smart speakers and set off hundreds of boxes'War, seize the smart home entrance. More importantly, smart home is no longer a concept, but emphasizes the market and flies into the homes of ordinary people. Home security products mainly based on smart cat's eye and smart door lock may be one of the most important entrances to smart home. Smart Cat's Eye is a kind of home security product that replaces the traditional cat's eye. It is an intelligent product that can be installed on the security door and can be automatically photographed and monitored 24 hours a day. Through the camera and LCD display, the visitor is automatically photographed/recorded so that the owner can check the visit record when returning from the trip. The intelligent cat's eye can also be linked with the intelligent door lock, the intelligent door magnetic detector and the intelligent audible and visual alarm to form a complete set of intelligent security system. After linkage, when someone opens the door illegally, the intelligent lock, the intelligent door magnetic detector and the intelligent audible and visual alarm will sound an alarm. With the country's promotion of the housing rental market, China will welcome nearly 0. 3 billion people to rent houses in the next five years, and the number of long-term apartments will reach 10 million in 2010. Due to the explosive growth of long-term rental apartments, managers began to seek to manage rooms and large groups of tenants with the least manpower and time to reduce operating costs. On the whole, the demand for smart home equipment is bound to increase greatly, and this market has great potential. According to public data, the global sales volume of smart home equipment in the market in 2017 was 6. 6. 3 billion units. It is estimated that the sales volume of smart home equipment will reach by 2023. 0. 4 billion units, exceeding smartphone sales. According to the report on the development prospect and investment risk avoidance of China's smart cat's eye industry in 2017 released by xinsijie Industry Research Center, since 2014, driven by the smart home market, the smart cat's eye market is expanding at an alarming rate. According to data, China shipped more than 600 thousand smart cat eyes in 2016, a year-on-year growth rate of more than 40%. 2012- Sources of statistics on China's smart cat's eye sales in 2016: Research and collation by xinsijie Industry Research Center. However, there are only a handful of smart cat's eye manufacturers with R & D and production capacity in China, and the market has already been in short supply, it can be seen that the electronic cat's eye industry is currently in a period of dividend and outbreak. According to a survey by industry researchers in xinsijie, the current domestic market is subject to shipments and brand awareness. The top 10 manufacturers/brands that can be listed in the industry are Yikang intelligence, Yale, Duoling, Dadao, zero distance, BRINNO (United States) , Zhongjiaan, Sanfu intelligence, yunshitong, Jiucai Yinghuang. New thinking industry researchers said that in the future, with the further outbreak of the smart home market, smart cat's eye may need to be combined with smart door locks, security products, smart intercom and other products, the realization of stronger visual manipulation and remote control of cat's eye may usher in a big explosion in the intelligent cat's eye market faster.
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