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Change the door lock or select super b lock or

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
Recently, the lock cylinder of Mr. Cheng's door, who lives in Renmin Road, was broken, so he asked for help to replace it. The night before yesterday, he accidentally found that the old key could actually open the new lock. At that time, he was confused and told his friend about it. His friend recommended replacing the super-B lock. Mr. Cheng said that two days ago, because the lock cylinder of the house was broken, he invited a lock changing master according to the advertisement on the door, and the locksmith who called changed the lock cylinder. But the old key hasn't been thrown away. The night before yesterday, when he went home to open the door, he felt the wrong key and found that the old key could open the lock which had just been replaced by the lock cylinder. 'It's too unreliable.' Mr Cheng is worried. Yesterday morning, master Huang, a lock expert, came to Mr. Cheng's house. After careful inspection, master Huang found that the new lock cylinder is similar to the old lock cylinder, which belongs to the mutual opening rate problem of the low-grade lock cylinder. It is suggested to replace the current super-B lock with high safety performance. Master Huang said that there is a relatively high mutual opening rate for dozens of locks in the market. The reason is that the mold of lock cylinder manufactured by small manufacturers is frequently used repeatedly, which can't really open one lock with one key. Master Huang also reminded us that we should not be greedy for cheap when buying super-B locks. We should buy them in regular stores. Yuema 'super-B lock' is made of high-quality materials through the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of public security and CNC machine tools. Its performance is stable and its anti-technical opening is more than 270 minutes. Its safety factor is quite high. It is understood that Hainan master Huang lock company's convenience service is an old lock business that has been operated for many years. All the staff are on duty with certificates, with filing, identity security, technical expertise and fast door-to-door service. With a professional team of lock unlocking and repairing, it has been an old lock business for many years. All the staff are on duty with certificates. It has been put on record in the Public Security Bureau, with identity security, technical expertise, clear price for service and fast door-to-door service.
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