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Changing locks when renting can ensure your safety

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
Xiaobian learned that: many tenants ignore to change locks when renting, leaving security risks. Police against such theft remind tenants, don't worry about trouble and necessary costs, when renting must buy a new lock to change, change lock can ensure safety. Xiao Wang, who lives in a residential area, called us and said that during the rental period, his newly bought electric rice cooker disappeared, and there was no trace of doors and windows being pried. Although I doubt the landlord and the former tenant, but suffer from no evidence, also admitted. Changsha lock master remind you that it is best to change locks when renting. In recent days, I interviewed several housing agents and found that many landlords and tenants ignored the issue of changing locks. Many tenants said that if the key was lost, they would find the landlord to take the key and match it with another one. Mr. Wang, who has rented the house for six years, said that he has rented many houses. Because there is nothing valuable, he has not considered the issue of changing locks. Some landlords said that they and the tenants have the key to the house, as long as the tenant returns the key when checking out, but whether the tenant will match the key again is unknown. It is understood that some tenants do not change locks because they are unwilling to bear the cost of changing locks, while the landlord clearly said that the cost of changing locks should be borne by the tenants themselves. The reporter learned in the interview that a small number of people with a strong sense of security advocate changing locks. Ms. pan, who works as a photographer in a company, told reporters that she has been working in other places since 2016, and has changed four or five houses. But whether she lives with a friend or alone, she must change the lock before moving; when checking out, she leaves the new lock and key to the landlord. 'When I was changing locks, one landlord said it was unnecessary, but I insisted on changing them,' Pan said.
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