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'Changzhou creation' Moli key: a revolution in the lockset industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-18
2012-04- 23 Source: 365 Real Estate home network Browse: 527 comment: 0 Core tip: Morley key consists of three parts: lock cylinder, intelligent manager and key, of which intelligent manager is the core, it can 'manage' multiple lock cylinders, and these lock cylinders only need to be opened with one key. Of course, this key can 'back up' N locks as needed. From left to right are the lock cylinder, intelligent manager and key Changzhou Evening News of Morley key respectively. According to the news, Mr. Li originally had five keys, door, door, garage, office, second suite. Two days ago, he replaced all these dazzling keys with one, that is to say, he could open all five locks with one key. Mr. Li uses a high-end digital intelligent lock called Moli key in our city. This lock enterprise has all its independent intellectual property rights and has been exported to Europe, the person in charge of Jiangsu Mori key Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. , which produces Mori key intelligent locks, introduced that since 2002, the company has begun to independently develop this high-tech lock. One of the purposes is, it is to reduce the trouble of people going out with a bunch of keys. In 2007, the Moli key digital smart lock was finally successfully finalized. The Morley key consists of a lock cylinder, an intelligent manager and a key, of which the intelligent manager is the core. It can manage multiple lock cylinders, and these lock cylinders only need to be opened with one key. Of course, this key can be backed up as needed. The reporter saw that the lock cylinder of the Mori key does not look much different from the traditional mechanical lock cylinder and can be easily exchanged. The shape is different from the key, there are no teeth on it. Each key's microcomputer stores a unique identity password, which is never repeated. There is a button cell in the key, which can be unlocked 30 thousand times or used for 2 years, and the battery can be replaced. If the key is lost, you can reset the permissions without changing the lock, and the lost key will be invalidated. The biggest advantage of Mori key is safety. Thieves can open any mechanical lock in a few minutes with a simple tool. The Mori key digital intelligent lock has the function of security and theft prevention. Every unauthorized key is idling when unlocking. The lock cylinders of the home security door and the interior door are equipped with anti-drilling pieces, any clever unlocking expert cannot open the technology. In 2010, in order to verify the safety of this kind of lock, the company sent a batch of locks to Guangdong, and invited dozens of unlocking experts from all over the world to unlock, but none of them could open. Because the password of each key is unique and cannot be deciphered. If you want to open the door, you can only smash the lock, and there is no other way. In Hong Kong, several unlocking experts got the lock and immediately shook their heads and said: this kind of key, not even a tooth, no need to try. Mori key has been recognized by many authorities. In February 2007, it passed 36 quality tests conducted by the safety and police electronic product quality testing center of the Ministry of Public Security. In September 2007, it passed the quality inspection of CNAS, the National Accreditation Committee of China. In September 2008, it passed the eu ce certification and in August 2008, it obtained the national invention patent. When the company's first batch of Moli key digital smart locks participated in the international hardware expo held in Germany, foreign media reported that just as digital cameras replaced film cameras, the Mori key digital smart lock is a revolution in the lock industry. Label: Moli key digital intelligent lock revolutionary invention patent
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