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Characteristics of indoor space aluminum door lock is introduced

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-04
Indoor space aluminum door locks are common in engineering a door lock, this kind of lock typically USES gravity method of forging and casting processing, such as product model come out later surface polishing, grinding processing, increase the brightness of the surface. So what on earth quality indoor space aluminum door lock? Cost-effective? Take a look at the indoor door lock manufacturers to introduce specific.     Space aluminum door locks features: & emsp;   1, space aluminum door lock after oxidation treatment on the surface, the advantages of this process is that you can use for a longer time, generally locks are using electroplating processing, but there is a drawback electroplating products, is the black on the surface after a long time, and space aluminum door locks generally very smooth surface, long service life.     2, environmental protection material. Space is a kind of environmentally friendly materials, aluminum can be used repeatedly for many times, is not easy to rub off, naisuanjian corrosion, metal performance is prominent, this material is now a lot of young people love.     3, cost performance. Space is a magnesium alloy aluminium, more commonly. Thus leads to the price of the door of this material is lower, the average family can accept, coupled with the excellent characteristics of metal, so it was very popular.     4, easy to confuse. Now on the market space of aluminum products in fact many of them are zinc alloy door lock, it is difficult to distinguish the two types of door lock, surface gloss, metallic characteristics is also similar, so, when choosing space aluminum products, must pay attention to.     Watch the space above the characteristics of aluminum door lock after introducing should be deepened the understanding, more wonderful locks, welcome to visit: http://www. zide360. com
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