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Cheap indoor door locks are popular, anti-theft

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic concept, all kinds of new lock products are changing with each passing day. Because of their different value functions, the demand level of indoor door locks and security door locks gradually tends to polarization. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the shape of lock products, in addition to the traditional practicality and safety. Cheap and beautiful indoor door locks are popular. At present, the indoor door locks can be divided into iron aluminum alloy copper stainless steel and zinc alloy from the material. The price also varies from ten yuan to hundreds of yuan according to the different materials. Although the internal lock body of this kind of door lock has been improved for many years, from the simple texture before to the firm Sales Department of Fuyu lock in Jincheng market of China Science and Technology Hardware City, Zhou said: 'at present, whether it's the indoor door manufacturer or the consumer, the most concern when purchasing the indoor door lock is the appearance and price of the product, which often ignores the quality of the product. Sometimes there will be a cold situation in the sales of high-end interior door locks. ' 'In recent years, affected by the unstable economic factors at home and abroad, the development of the door industry is not ideal, manufacturers have reduced costs, through the way of small profits and high sales to win market share. In the purchase of locks, attention is also often focused on products with good quality and low price. Those high-end locks with excellent quality and a certain price can only be selected by a small number of enterprises taking the high-end brand line. ' Wuyi Teana Wood Industry Co., Ltd. General Manager Lang analysis. It is understood that although the appearance of the indoor door lock on the market now has various shapes, the pattern outline and color are the same, roughly the same. Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said: 'for people living in ordinary suites, the interior door locks do not need advanced anti-theft function. Anyway, they are at home and beautiful. Moreover, the indoor door lock will not be used frequently, and there is no high requirement in terms of service life. ' Middle and high-end anti-theft door locks have become the mainstream of sales. Although consumers prefer middle and low-end indoor door locks, according to many lock sellers, middle and high-end anti-theft door locks are gradually becoming the mainstream of sales in the industry. Chen Hui, regional manager of Lishui Ou Bao'an Security Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out the reasons: 'first of all, the middle and high-end anti-theft door locks have very high security protection performance, which can guarantee the safety of users' lives and properties. Secondly, nowadays, the anti-theft door locks are gradually getting rid of the disadvantages of bulky quality and single modeling. They are generally added with high-tech intelligent elements such as touch screen password, fingerprint remote control, wireless card swiping and so on, which shows more humanistic care. Finally, the profits of high-tech anti-theft door lock are considerable, which has attracted a lot of attention and investment from enterprises, so as to occupy a place of sales in the industry. ' The key function and function of anti-theft door lock is anti-theft. In order to let users enjoy the maximum security of the lock, enterprises focus on upgrading and improving the internal lock body and lock cylinder functions. With the increasing demand of all kinds of pillar industries and leading fields and the increasing demand of consumers, the common classical anti-theft door locks have been difficult to meet and accept. The industry's product reform and upgrading, quality optimization and upgrading have been the arrows of departure, high-tech and intelligent security door locks have also emerged. In this year's door Expo, various kinds of anti-theft door locks with rich technology and high added value were organically and cleverly integrated with the anti-theft door by the production enterprises, which not only changed everyone's previous views on the anti-theft door locks to a large extent, but also presented the revolutionary achievements of the industry for visitors
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