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Check whether a smart lock becomes a burst: need these eight indicators

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-21
At present, intelligent manufacturing has become an important part of China's industrial upgrading. As a traditional security door and intelligent lock industry, how to use the new thinking of the Internet to obtain the bonus of the information age in the tide of intelligent manufacturing is always testing this industry. Therefore, the market needs products with higher color value, better structure, safer, more convenient, more reliable and more intelligent. 1. The highlight of the intelligent door lock in the era of high color value intelligence should be exquisite, concise and elegant. Looking at the existing industrial design, high-quality products come from unique artistic creation, rather than cheap and low-quality crooked melons. 2. Better structure, simple but reliable, is an important principle pursued by the smart lock industry at present. The structure of an intelligent lock is often the gate of a lock. Structural design is the link that manufacturers pay the most. Reliable and compact structure is hidden behind the simple appearance. The more complex the structural design, the higher the required materials and manufacturing process. The quality is more secure. 3. Safer. With the introduction of the new anti-theft lock standard, the biggest change is that class a anti-theft doors must be equipped with high-end class C anti-theft locks. Of course, class C anti-theft locks also have high and low performance quality. However, it is a pity that it is difficult to find a real C- class anti-theft door lock in the products that claim to be C- class anti-theft locks in China. The price of imported locks is often too high. 4. Convenience. The complicated process of high-end security doors should not be an excuse for trouble in actual use. In fact, convenience is the goal pursued by advanced smart locks. No matter how the slogan boasts, convenient and fast user experience is the indicator closest to customers. 5. Better materials. The quality improvement of high-end intelligent anti-theft locks also depends on better materials. It is very necessary to adopt higher strength and better materials to meet the structural and design needs. 6. The development of a more intelligent and intelligent era is the safe docking of objects. If the security door cannot be docked, it may be absent in this intelligent tide. It is a good development direction to use intelligent lock to realize the docking with smart home. At present, Yisheng face recognition intelligent lock has come out. 7, word of mouth can not be separated from the cost-effective corporate reputation from the product itself. Excellent product quality and good customer experience play a vital role in word of mouth. The comprehensive cost performance of the two is the ultimate choice for consumers. 8. The information age of patent protection with high added value has created opportunities for cross-industry integration for traditional security door enterprises. Technological discovery and innovation are always going on. Protecting their own patented technology is the prerequisite for the smooth development of enterprises. Without core technology, it is difficult for fake enterprises that rely on plagiarism and imitation to obtain status.
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