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Chengdu indoor door lock - wholesale market Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-18
Last month, there is a customer by searching the wholesale market to find our chengdu indoor door lock, ask where we are, on the road concrete house number how much, he will go into a number of indoor door lock, want to come and see. But our factories are not in chengdu, behind WeChat, will design to clients, also don't tube. Unexpectedly, two days before, the customer information, said to us is very interested in a few product, to send a sample in the past, it is too surprise.     Chengdu indoor door lock wholesale market, and customer communication process to know that he is chengdu locals, considering the convenience, just want to find a local wholesale market, whether stock or the late the sample is very convenient, but the truth is, the wholesale market has found, but around the market found that indoor door lock manufacturers a total of 1, and both from the design or process can not meet the requirements, many models have been eliminated by the market, so, just choose to cooperate with us. From this example can be found that really impress clients is lock quality and style, as for the manufacturer to address where the customer does not really care about, plus logistics so convenient now, whether in chengdu or other areas can be served.     Chengdu indoor door lock wholesale market, looking for indoor door lock wholesale market, looking for a rich yu hardware, as indoor door lock manufacturers, according to market changes, invest a lot of energy every year, material research and development new style for customers to choose. More don't need to worry as for production process, to use their research and development of the fifth generation of DNF mute technology, interior door lock use fixed number of year than their peers to extend more than five years, the quality guaranteed.
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