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'China lock industry encyclopedia' investment promotion work started

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-05- 04 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 325 comment: 0 Core tip: 2011- In 2012, the investment promotion work of 'China lockset industry encyclopedia' was grandly launched! Since the first launch of the 'China lock industry encyclopedia' in 2008 by Hyundai lock Industry Network (Referred to as 'Daquan') Since then, with the advantages of large amount of information and strong reference collection, it has long been widely recognized by people and users in the lock. It has also become a necessary reference book for people in the industry. The modern lock industry network has always been in the development of the industry, and strives to grow together with the lock industry with professional perspectives and strokes. Relying on the rich and detailed data, information and strong research strength accumulated by the modern lock industry network for many years, we keep pace with the times and compile and integrate industries, products, information, yellow pages and research results from a commercial perspective, such a large complete set of Enterprise Directory, the latest product information, technology trends, hot topics, market analysis, policies and regulations are equal to one, it has been recognized and highly praised by industry leaders, experts, manufacturers at all levels, agents, distributors, terminals and households, and has been recognized by industry people as a necessary desk reference book for reference, study and communication. It is precisely because of the outstanding and important position of Daquan in the industry that many lockset enterprises have been willing to take the initiative to promote and put it on Daquan. This kind of matching propaganda form and gold resources are deeply favored by customers and help lock enterprises win incomparable market value with extensive and in-depth propaganda effect. Value 2011- In the 2012 edition, the investment promotion work of 'China lock industry encyclopedia' was ceremoniously launched. The modern lock industry has issued this announcement, welcoming the vast number of lock enterprises and dealers to call and write. May Daquan insert wings for the shaping and promotion of enterprise brands! In the information age, rich, comprehensive and detailed frontier information is of great guiding significance to the development of an enterprise, as is the lockset industry. May 2011- The 2012 edition, 'China lock industry encyclopedia' can provide the most cutting-edge and abundant content for the lock industry as always, helping the lock industry to develop healthily, vigorously and orderly! Welcome to patronize the advertisement and read 'Daquan'! Telephone: 010- 64451004 label: China lock manufacturers directory launched
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