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'China padlock industry base' flower fall Pujiang

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2011-08- 29 Source: China Hardware Association Browse: 297 comment: 0 Core tip: August 23- On the 24th, at the invitation of the Pujiang county government, experts from the same industry of the China hardware products Association formed an expert group to investigate the development of the local padlock industry base. The expert group consists of Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, Lu Jiying, deputy secretary general, Bi Zhitao, director of the national daily hardware testing center, Zhou Heping, secretary general of the daily hardware branch, and Zhang Yongzhi, secretary general of the lock-making branch. The purpose of the investigation is to further understand the development of Pujiang padlock industrial base and conduct on-the-spot investigation on Pujiang county government's application for China's padlock industrial base. The expert group visited eight representative enterprises such as Meihua, Jinlei, Wu and Baima, and conducted a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the Pujiang padlock industry. On behalf of the expert group, Zhang Dongli agreed to award the title of Pujiang China padlock industrial base, and said that the award of the industrial base is not a simple inspection and licensing, but a goal of co-construction with the local government. It is necessary to promote the Pujiang padlock industry to achieve high standards, high quality and high efficiency through the naming of the base and the association's goal of five major transformations during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. We will improve the construction of core functions of manufacturing centers, research and development centers, information centers, standardization centers and logistics centers in industrial bases to promote the sustainable development of China's padlock industry. With a long history of development and prominent cluster characteristics, Pujiang padlock production started in the 1970s S. In 1973, Zheng Zhai Farm Tools Co. , Ltd. founded Pujiang's first lockfactory under the conditions of weak technical strength and poor equipment-Pujiang county lock factory. After the reform and opening up, the Pujiang lock-making people who dared to be the first are optimistic about the development prospects of the padlock industry, and they have set up padlock production enterprises in the sea. By 1998, it had developed rapidly to nearly 500, and thousands of households had been processing lock products. In the late 1990s S, Pujiang lock-making started its second business, focusing on improving the overall quality of the enterprise. Through technological transformation, brand building and other means, it began to scale up, upgrade and upgrade, A large number of lock-making enterprises with a certain scale, such as Meihua, Baima, Wu, Jinlei, Mitsubishi, Zhongxing and Yahuan, have emerged. It has formed a lock-making group in townships such as zhengzhai, Zhongyu, Puyang, Huangzhai and Baima. The lock industry has entered one of the three pillar industries of Pujiang's local economy and has become the country's largest production and export base for civilian padlocks. As of 2010, Pujiang has 815 padlock finished products and accessories enterprises with an annual output of padlocks. 0. 5 billion. Achieve a total industrial output value of 40. 4. 5 billion yuan, completed sales revenue 39. 7. 6 billion yuan, including 4 enterprises with sales revenue of more than 50 million yuan and 8 enterprises with sales revenue of more than yuan. « Previous Page 1 2. . . 3 Next page»Label: padlock base
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