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'China's excellent brand of Locks'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2011-08- 16 Source: modern lock industry network Browse: 1152 comments: 0 Core tip: 2011 'China lock excellent brand' network selection campaign curtain opens again. Modern lock industry network this year and China Hardware Products Association (Weiwan Network) To reach a strategic cooperative relationship, we will work together to make efforts. This selection activity will carry out the selection purpose of 'gathering national fine products and establishing industry brands. The brand of China's excellent brand of locks 2011 Network selection campaign has been the backbone of the lock consumer market. The healthy development of the lockset industry requires entrepreneurs who flaunt contributions, select influential brands, disseminate standardized and advanced marketing concepts, and affirm the rapid growth of the industry. . . . . . All of these require the organization to take the lead and the media to build a platform to convey and guide. As the first portal website in China's lockset industry, Hyundai lock industry has been committed to promoting the development of industry brands and working hard to build such a platform for communication between enterprises and consumers. After years of development, China's lockset market has gradually matured. After market baptism, many growing lockset enterprises have been cultivated. These enterprises pay attention to their own image, pursue brand effect and have the courage to assume social responsibilities, treat consumers with integrity; The development of the market has also begun to cultivate consumer groups who produce brands. They pay attention not only to the products themselves, but also to the enterprises behind the products. As a well-known media in the industry, Hyundai lock industry network has the obligation to promote the branding process of this industry and to establish an equal communication platform between consumers and enterprises, it is also obliged to promote the brand of locks that truly condense brand strength. In 2010, the excellent brand network selection activity of Chinese locks initiated and organized by Hyundai lock industry network was strongly supported by many well-known lock brands at home and abroad as soon as it was launched, at the same time, the majority of netizens also gave close attention and enthusiastic response to the selection. The so-called Gold Cup and Silver Cup are not as good as the reputation of the people. Although similar elections emerge in an endless stream, the modern lock industry network relies on unprecedented participation of netizens, the most authentic voice from the first-line consumer group has won the recognition and praise of the selection results of the outstanding brands of Chinese locks. The popularity and influence of the brand is an important manifestation of the enterprise's market competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and the selection of excellent lockset brands is the combustion improver for the development of Chinese lockset enterprises. Yang Lin, marketing director of Hyundai lock industry, said. In 2011, the screen of China's excellent lockset brand network selection campaign will be reopened. Modern lock industry network this year and China Hardware Products Association (Weiwan Network) To reach a strategic cooperative relationship, we will work together to make efforts. This selection activity will gather national fine products and establish the selection purpose of industry brands. As the industry's first online selection campaign focusing on lock brands, the 2011 online selection activity of China's excellent lockset brands will select the 2011 excellent brands through rigorous and thorough activity arrangement and open, fair and impartial evaluation criteria, in this way, the public's awareness of leading brands in the industry will be further improved, providing a good platform for promoting the transition of China's lockset industry from product production to brand marketing. This selection activity, on the one hand, is the recognition of the achievements of the strength brand in promoting the development of the industry and standardizing competition, on the other hand, it is the power to set an example, guide peers to learn from them the spirit of entrepreneurship, the concept of standardized management, the thinking of innovative marketing, and the responsibility for the development of enterprises and industries. Through the selection, enterprises are urged to appear in the market with the most satisfactory brand image, and the industry competition is promoted from a single price war to a multi-brand war, value War, and service war, and more enterprises are promoted to regulate competition, it will have an important impact on industries, enterprises, distributors and even consumers. The opening and awarding of the selection will be held on September 21- The 2011 China International Hardware exhibition, which opened in Shanghai on the 23rd, was held at the same time. At the same time, the new version of the 'China lockset industry encyclopedia' will also be unveiled at the exhibition to help the outstanding brands. At that time, leaders, experts, business representatives and many media reporters from the industry will gather in Shanghai to witness this glorious moment! Label: China locks excellent brand China Hardware Products Association
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