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China's first robot parking lot: saving parking spaces and alleviating parking difficulties

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
On September 3, new media reported that Beijing welcomed China's first robot (Intelligent)Parking lot for parking service. The owner drives the car into the garage, and after the door is locked, the electric platform under the car will park the car, for the owner to save the neck to look at the rearview mirror reversing, too close to the other car to open the door, can not find the car when picking up the car and other troubles. According to a report on the website of Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao on August 29, Wukesong underground parking lot, which provides automatic parking service, also provides other intelligent services, such as guiding car owners to find car routes, and a variety of cashless payment methods. This is also the largest public parking lot in Beijing, which effectively alleviates the problem of parking difficulties around. It is another example of using science and technology to improve urban services in Beijing. According to the report, the newly-built Wukesong parking lot opened for trial operation on July 31 this year. It is located in the northeast corner of Wukesong Bridge in Haidian district and covers an area of nearly 80 thousand square meters with 2679 parking spaces, among them, 68 parking spaces are in a separated unmanned area for robot parking. In order to ensure that passers-by do not interfere with the operation of the robot, the unmanned section is not open to the public at ordinary times. 'Lianhe Zaobao' reporter recently led the parking lot operator to go behind the scenes and learn about artificial intelligence and parking machines'Operation. According to the report, the unmanned section is on the same floor as the public section, with four garages side by side where the two interfaces, each of which can accommodate one car. The owner drove the car into the garage, got off the car and locked it, walked out of the garage, and hung a touch screen on the wall outside the garage to confirm the parking. The aluminum gate facing the public section of the garage will fall, and the gate facing the unmanned section at the other end will rise. Then, a rectangular robot with flat wheels and looks like a scooter will enter the garage from the unmanned area, come to the bottom of the platform holding the car, and plan the road map according to the pre-written program, even the car took the platform to the nearest parking space. The whole process is fully automated and requires no staff control. According to the report, the parking robot is like a sweeping robot in the home of ordinary people. It is powered by a battery and will go by itself when it needs to be charged' Charge to the corner of the unmanned area, eat enough'After returning to the post, continue to carry. Sensors are installed at the two diagonal corners of the robot to sense obstacles around it. The robot can also automatically adjust the speed according to the distance from the object in front. Generally, the straight speed is about 20 kilometers. When the owner picks up the car, enter the license plate number on the touch screen outside the garage. After about two minutes, the robot will transport the car to the garage, and will also intimately ensure that the front is outward, so that the owner can drive directly. In the demonstration to the media, the whole process was smooth. However, as the automatic parking technology is still very new, its long-term reliability still needs to be observed. Zhiyuan Hongye, a Shanghai company responsible for the robot parking service in Wukesong parking lot, told Lianhe Zaobao that this is the first robot parking lot in operation in China. This also means that new problems arising from new technologies may be first discovered in Wukesong parking lot. The Wukesong underground parking lot is operated by Beijing Gonglian Parking Management Branch. The general manager of the company said that from the operator's point of view, the advantage of automatic parking is that the robot can park the car very tightly, operators can increase parking spaces in limited space. According to the report, robot parking is only one of the intelligent services in Wukesong underground parking lot. It also has a reverse car search service: in the manual parking area, before the owner picks up the car, he can enter the license plate number on the touch screen hanging on the wall, and the screen will display the route from the current location to the parking space. The screen will also show the parking fees to be paid, and the owner can pay without cash through the screen in Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay and other ways to alleviate the situation of cars piling up because they pay only at the exit. According to the report, Wukesong underground parking lot is a project of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and an effort of the municipal government to alleviate the parking problem. Parking on the south side of the IS, China People's Chinese PLA General Hospital (Referred to as 301 Hospital)On weekdays, it attracts at least 1. The parking lot of the hospital has already been overloaded with 50 thousand patients seeking medical treatment. Mr. Lu, a 65-year-old hospital patient, told reporters that he had been in the hospital parking lot for 40 minutes before he found a parking space. He was sick enough to be upset, and it was even more annoying to find a parking space. Although Wukesong parking lot is a little far away from the hospital, because there are automatic walkways and barrier-free walkways, patients can easily walk to the registration counter of the hospital within ten minutes after getting off the bus. On the north side of Wukesong parking lot is Wukesong Gymnasium, surrounded by shopping and dining areas. Qi Wei said that since more people go to the hospital and need parking spaces on weekdays and during the day, more people go to the gymnasium to watch performances or competitions and need parking spaces on weekends or at night, therefore, the parking lot can be used more effectively. According to the report, judging from the Wukesong parking lot project, the Beijing municipal government has taken into account the overall parking needs of the surrounding areas in its planning and effectively provided supporting facilities such as local hospitals and shopping malls, at the same time, he dares to use artificial intelligence to improve the service level, which has a certain leading role. Data picture: the yellow flat rectangular object under the car is the parking robot, which will transport the car from the garage to the nearest parking space according to the pre-written program.
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