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China's lock industry has great potential in the future

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
In the first half of this year, China Hardware Association entrusted the national daily metal products quality supervision and inspection center to conduct quality investigation on the lock products sold in the major cities of the country by means of Market Sample buying. The association hopes to find some problems in the development of lock industry through this investigation. It is reported that the industry association, with its own investment, entrusts an authoritative professional organization to carry out product quality investigation in this industry, which is the first case in China's lock industry association at present. This not only reflects the service consciousness of China Hardware Association to do practical work for the industry, but also reflects the social responsibility and overall situation concept of the association, and reflects the attitude of being responsible for consumers and enterprises to promote the sustainable development of the industry. In the face of the problems found in the investigation of lock product quality, the lock industry and enterprises should have a clear understanding that 'developing the industry with quality and strengthening the enterprise with quality' should be raised to the height of industry development strategy. Industry enterprises must establish the concept of high-quality products, and implement the concept of fine arts production and fine management to win high quality and high price through quality to every link of production and sales services. Through the production of high-quality lock products in the world, we can comprehensively improve the influence and competitiveness of China's locks, and then promote China's transformation from a big lock manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. According to reports, these enterprises focus on internal management, external image and brand creation, constantly develop new products and new technologies, constantly expand brand awareness and product reputation, and always maintain strong competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets
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