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'China's top ten lock Kings' selection announced

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-20
2012-09- 22 Source: Modern Industry Network Browse: 388 comments: 0 Core tip: September 20 morning ', China Top Ten wang' awards ceremony and National lock industry 22nd times information exchange in Pavilion in held. Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, and Shi Lanlan, executive deputy director, yang Wencheng, vice chairman and Dean of Shenyang Light Industry Design Institute, and Lu Jiying, deputy secretary general of the association and secretary general of the lock-making branch, and other relevant leaders awarded medals to the winning enterprises. National lock industry 22nd times information exchange and, China lock industry Six session of the second meeting bed east in speech in first to get top ten wang title of enterprise said congratulations, thank you for the active participation of the majority of lock-making enterprises in this selection. Zhang Dongli said that the selection criteria for the top ten lock kings are very strict, and the elected enterprises have a good comprehensive quality, representing the highest level of the current lock industry. At present, the development of the industry is also facing many challenges. I hope that the majority of lock-making enterprises will strengthen their confidence and prepare for a new round of growth after the economic situation recovers. In the near future, lock-making enterprises should strengthen their efforts in design and research, improve product quality, strengthen brand cultivation, improve employee training system, and strive to achieve the goal of transformation and upgrading. 2012- 2015 China's top ten lock Kings Award Ceremony 2012-The list of China's top ten lock Kings in 2015 (Ranking in no particular order) : Yantai Sanhuan lock Group Co. , Ltd. , Zhejiang Zhongli Group Co. , Ltd. , Wenzhou General Lock Co. , Ltd. , Zhongshan Huafeng Lock Co. , Ltd. , Zhejiang Pujiang plum lock Group Co. , Ltd, zhongshan Gaoli lock Industry Co. , Ltd. Guangdong Yajie Hardware Co. , Ltd. , Wenzhou Tianyu Industry and Trade Group Co. , Ltd. Guangdong Mingmen lock Industry Co. , Ltd. , baodeli Industrial Co. , Ltd. Label: top ten lock King Award ceremony lock branch Yajie hardware
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