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'Chinese locksmith' quarterly, welcome to read the submission, patronize commercial advertising!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2012-07- 26 Source: China locksmith Association Browse: 285 comment: 0 Core tip: China locksmith special issue will serve Chinese locksmith, end users, locksmith members to achieve communication, communication, it is convenient to publish industry information, policies, share experiences, and improve skills. From the fourth issue, 'Chinese locksmith' was officially identified as a quarterly magazine, which was published in the middle of each quarter (That is, 2,5, 8,11 months). 'Chinese locksmith' is sponsored by the locksmith repair branch of the China Security Association, co-organized by the locksmith repair industry associations across the country, and the modern lock industry network is fully responsible for editing. It is a publication specially established for the lock repair industry in China. The special issue of 'Chinese locksmith' will serve Chinese locksmith, end users and locksmith members to exchange and communicate, facilitate the release of industry information, policies, share experiences, and improve skills to play a crucial new journal. 'Chinese locksmith' was first unveiled at the Xiamen locksmith annual meeting on May 18, 2011. It was highly recognized by the locksmith and rushed to read it at the annual meeting. In the later period, the National locksmiths who did not arrive at the annual meeting also subscribed and requested our books and periodicals. The first issue we issued was 5000 copies. The second issue of Chinese locksmith was published in October 19, 2011- On the 21st, the China International security equipment technology application products expo and the lock industry product exhibition held in Beijing were distributed in a key manner. The second issue of the magazine sent up to 8000 copies nationwide. The third issue of 'Chinese locksmith' was distributed twice before and after the 518 Chengdu locksmith Association and the 618 National Locksmith annual meeting, and was well received. From the fourth issue, 'Chinese locksmith' was officially identified as a quarterly magazine, which was published in the middle of each quarter (That is, 2,5, 8,11 months). So far, 'Chinese locksmith' is about to accumulate and precipitate the editing and publishing experience of the previous issues, and successively display and report on excellent locksmiths, governing units, lock core enterprises, locksmith members and locksmiths upstream and downstream manufacturers, strengthen the coverage of topics that locksmiths care about and share hot technologies. In the future, the editorial department will make full use of the direct mail advantage of the database and directly send the 'Chinese locksmith' to more demanding and active locksmiths. 【Target readers] Merchants and terminal locksmiths engaged in lock operation, lock cylinder, maintenance and unlocking in China. 【Magazine publishing] Members of the China Security Association locksmith branch are free to read. And at the same time distributed to non-member units (Only postage costs are charged). 8000 copies are issued in each issue. 【Magazine setup] 'Chinese locksmith' is printed on full-color coated paper, and each issue is published simultaneously, which is convenient for downloading and online reading; 【Column setting] 'Policies and Regulations' 'industry trends' 'excellent locksmith' 'technology exchange' 'information release' 'member announcement' 'product recommendation' 'locksmith Story' 'Life proposition' and so on; 【Advertising price] The magazine is free to the locksmith, and some non-members have to pay the courier fee. The ordinary print mail can be received without paying any fees. It is a permanent commitment that the proportion of advertisements in each issue of the magazine will not exceed 30%, so the advertising space is limited and has great preservation significance and value. Manufacturers interested in advertising should book a satisfactory space first. Cover: 200 × 200 = 15000 yuan/period back cover/seal 2/seal 3/front color 1/end color (210 ×285mm) 10000 yuan/8000 yuan/7000 yuan/6000 yuan/5000 yuan/period, ordinary color page: 210 ×285 = 3000 yuan/period. 【Contact Information] Editorial Department: Room 502, Unit 4, Huilongguan Guanting center, Changping, Beijing 102208 Tel: 010- 64451004 Fax: 010- 58948883 mailbox: bjxdsy @ 163. Com QQ number: 370952632 advertising Contact: Xue Jian mobile phone: 13601094575 China locksmith Forum: http://bbs . 16618. Cn label: Chinese locksmith, National Locksmith unlocking member publication Chinese Locksmith magazine
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