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Choose the method of high quality indoor door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-06
Indoor safety has always been all people are concerned about, pay attention to one of the topics, in order to ensure its own security, choose high quality door lock is one of the key, what are the standards of high quality door lock? Choose should pay attention to what issues? Under the interior door lock factory staff answers one by one for you.     Indoor door lock option: & emsp;   1, see appearance & emsp;   According to home decorate a style to choose appropriate own door lock, suggest pick glossy full, stable quality of door lock, a little door lock manufacturers has been the pursuit of low prices as the goal, to cut corners of products, rough surface texture, this product price is low, but the lack of quality guarantee in the late.     2, see packaging & emsp;   Normal manufacturer production of locks can be seen from the outer packing product basic information: the origin of a product, vendor name, date of production, national standards, product manuals, warranty scope, etc. , from the packing box way to complete the information of the product is can preliminary understanding this door lock quality as well as the relevant information of the company.     3, the product material & emsp;   Now the mainstream of indoor door lock with material has: stainless steel, space aluminum, zinc alloy, pure copper. Stainless steel door lock have higher cost performance, are used in all kinds of engineering, space aluminum, zinc alloy is suitable for ordinary families, pure copper door lock cost is higher, often appear in the villa front door or high-end clubs.     4, the structure & emsp;   Is invisible to the naked eye inside the lock body, but we can probably guess lock body through the key structure of the internal structure, the key to the teeth, the more the more complex structure, interior door lock body structure is more complex, the door lock is have high ability of guard against theft.     Indoor door lock of choice is very important for home security, through the above introduction we know, the door can choose from: the outer package of locks, lock body structure, material aspects of the comprehensive considerations. When selecting a door lock advice to find more product comparison, pick out the right.
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