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Chuangmi technology releases thousand yuan smart door lock C1 to build home smart ecological closed loop

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
On June 5, Shanghai chuangmi Technology Co. , Ltd. held a conference on chuangmi Xiaobai 2019 development strategy and new products in Beijing' In fact, a series of home safety and related products such as chuangmi small white smart door lock C1, smart cat's eye doorbell and outdoor camera were officially launched. On the same day, it was officially launched on Xiaomi. As Li Jianxin, CEO of chuangmi technology, said, home security is an important part of the four major systems, and smart door locks are the top priority. The comprehensive release of smart door locks and other home-related products marks the completion of the four major product systems of chuangmi, and officially launched a full-house safety solution. In terms of appearance, the C1 body of chuangmi intelligent door lock is made of high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy integrated die-casting, with two colors of space gray and bright moon silver, smooth lines, strong and durable structure, and both scientific and practical, in line with the aesthetic pursuit of chuangmi technology, it has always been simple and generous. Secondly, chuangmi small white smart door lock C1 can currently support five unlocking methods: fingerprint unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, password unlocking, remote dynamic password unlocking and key unlocking. By adopting the current mainstream fingerprint algorithm technology, it can also capture the tiny fingerprint features of the human body and improve the identification pass rate of special fingerprints such as wet finger fingerprints, incomplete fingerprints of the elderly and smooth fingerprints of children. At the same time, chuangmi small white intelligent door lock C1 can continuously reduce the rejection rate with the help of artificial intelligence's self-study ability, and the unlocking speed will be faster with the increase of unlocking times. The endurance part is calculated by opening the door 10 times a day with 8 Batteries. The working time of this intelligent door lock can be guaranteed for more than one year. In addition, in order to facilitate the user to replace the battery in advance, when the door lock power is less than 20%, each time you open the door, you will receive a low-power voice prompt and an alarm red light. In the door lock safety that consumers are most concerned about'In fact, chuangmi technology has also made many considerations. On the one hand, it uses living biometric technology to optimize the algorithm for illegal opening methods such as film sticking attacks and refuses to open the door with fake fingerprints; In addition, the special electromagnetic protection design also greatly reduces the influence of electromagnetic radiation, and ensures that the door lock will not be opened by mistake when it is attacked by Tesla coil and high-power interphone. What is even more surprising is that under the background of more and more serious homogenization of smart lock products, the smart lock released by chuangmi still brings pioneering highlights-- The general applied bulletproof glass to the touch panel of the intelligent lock, which brought the safety factor of the intelligent lock into a new dimension. In terms of after-sales service, the installation and after-sales team of chuangmi technology can maintain 24-hour online customer service, and the service has covered 2600 districts and counties in the country. In case of emergency, it is guaranteed to be on-site within 3 hours. In order to let more consumers experience the safety and convenience brought by the smart door lock for Home Travel, the launch of the chuangmi small white smart door lock C1 will reduce the price to 1099 yuan, only yuan, and since the launch today, consumers scheduled for the first three days will also enjoy preferential activities. Five years since its establishment, chuangmi Technology has launched Xiaomi smart plug, Xiaomi universal remote control, Xiaobai smart camera, Mijia Yuntai version of the camera PTZ version, Xiaobai family cloud disk and other products are all explosive models. Up to now, the cumulative shipments of chuangmi technology intelligent equipment have exceeded 24 million units, the number of users has exceeded 7 million, and the daily activity is 1. 1 million. The products have covered more than 30 countries and regions in the world, it has formed a set of powerful smart home system integration capabilities based on product portfolio. In the face of a wide range of smart home product lines, chuangmi technology has always adhered to the single product explosion system' The idea: by integrating artificial intelligence technology and taking interactive experience as the center, the home intelligent ecological closed loop will be built around the four product systems of home safety, care safety, electricity safety and data safety, provide a complete one-stop solution for home safety. It is worth mentioning that the Chuang mi Xiao Bai smart door lock C1 released today can realize intelligent linkage with Mi Jia smart devices after being connected to the Bluetooth gateway. For example, command the door lock to be pried' The camera can automatically record and upload videos and specify my fingerprints'The air conditioner automatically opens after unlocking. Li Jianxin said at the press conference that the interconnection with other products will form a synergy effect, jointly build a smart home ecosystem of chuangmi, provide a whole-house intelligent solution, and make the user's scene experience better, it is the original intention of chuangmi to launch smart door lock products.
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