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Cloud intelligent alarm door lock subverts traditional anti-theft alarm concept

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
An alarm lock cylinder that can communicate with WeChat has attracted the attention of many people present, and also provides a more reliable solution for the safety of our home life in the era of science and technology, it subverts the traditional anti-theft concept, and each key has its own ID, thus eliminating the potential safety hazard of losing the key. In and out, the cloud pushes, whether the child gets home on time, whether the parents go out and lock the door, Manshen will report all the whereabouts to you through the mobile phone software, this secret door lock has excellent performance in intelligent monitoring and remote alarm. When a lawless person wants to open your home, the local remote linkage alarm, on-Site 90-minute decibel whistle alarm, mass WeChat/SMS/app/phone cycle alarm, of course, you can also monitor, shout and scold thieves through your mobile phone. When a key becomes intelligent, our lifestyle is also quietly changed by technology. Internet bosses give us new ways of travel, home safety choices, and office soho. I believe that in the near future, intelligence will bring more convenience and subversion to our life in the home field.
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