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Cloud smart lock makes thieves have no way to innovate access control system

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
Burglary incidents occur every year. Security doors can no longer prevent thieves from rampant. According to the analysis of theft cases across the country in recent years, about 95% of thieves who burglary from doors are stealing after destroying locks, therefore, the choice of door lock is very critical. Although access control systems such as electronic locks or fingerprint locks have emerged with the development of technology, they still have certain problems in terms of security, such as illegal copying of induction cards or unlocking in abnormal ways, the ability to resist external damage is still insufficient to some extent. For the current home, the access control system has gone beyond the simple door and key management, and is developing into a complete access control security management system. Its core part has locks, electronic door lock, encrypted magnetic card door lock, valve door lock, fingerprint lock, etc. The emergence of the Internet of Things has set off a climax in the application of smart homes. As the most basic part of smart homes, access control system directly affects the quality and effect of living and is a function that consumers and their value. Therefore, intelligent access control system has also become the future trend. A few days ago, a cloud intelligent lock developed based on Internet of Things technology aroused great repercussions in the door lock industry and was sought after by many consumers, effectively improving the security quality of ordinary homes. This kind of cloud intelligent lock adopts zinc alloy integrated die-casting structure, which is firm and durable. The surface is treated by vacuum nanotechnology, with high hardness, better wear resistance and higher coating bonding strength. The cloud smart lock can be combined with a wireless gateway to form a complete home IoT access control system, which is directly connected to the user's smart mobile terminal. For example, if the mobile phone controls the home access control, if there is a forced intrusion phenomenon, the smart lock can directly alarm the user, and even if the mobile phone is lost, the user does not need to worry about the door being opened. To open the door, you must have a password set by the user. The thief can say that there is nothing to do with this smart lock. The advent of cloud intelligent locks is of revolutionary significance. Compared with ordinary locks of electronic locks and mechanical locks in the market, they have incomparable technical advantages and will trigger a new round of competition. Xiao Bian believes that the development of the internet of things has given birth to the emergence of new intelligent products, and everyone is fighting for intelligence' Brand, competition will also tend to be white-hot, but the relevant standards of all aspects of the Internet of Things industry also need to be more standardized, and relevant departments should also attach importance to and strengthen the management of market competition, we don't want to see fierce competition turn into fierce competition, and we don't want businesses to end up with low prices' For gimmicks, re-take the old road of machinery manufacturing industry and lower the development level of the industry.
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