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College students invented fingerprint identification intelligent lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
This smart Bluetooth lock was designed by Song Junlin and Hu Xiaolong, who are in the third year of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Microelectronics. They said that roommates used to be unable to return to the dormitory because they didn't bring the key, so they want to study an intelligent device to make the mobile phone realize the key function. When I came to song Junlin's dormitory, I could see that the dormitory door was just an ordinary wooden door, but a set of motors and Chargers were placed next to the door lock behind the door'Device. Song Junlin took out the mobile phone demonstration and saw him click on the smartkey he developed in the mobile phone' APP, connect the Bluetooth system with the device next to the door lock, and then carry out fingerprint identification on the HOME key of the mobile phone. The Motor receives the indication signal, and the transmission device pulls the lock valve, and the door is easily opened. Sometimes I didn't bring the key or the mobile phone to go out and take a garbage, take a courier, and the door was accidentally closed by the wind. We added a function of knocking and unlocking. ' Song Junlin said that as long as this function is turned on, the knocking method should be set within a limited time, such as length and length'Long length'( The length here refers to the interval between two adjacent knocks) The door will open automatically without the need for the phone to knock on the door. Fingerprint identification ensures safety. As can be seen in the dormitory, various circuit boards and measuring instruments are piled up on the table. Hu Xiaolong said that they majored in microelectronics and usually liked to tamper with various electronic products, either in their dormitories or in their laboratories. In the development of this smart Bluetooth lock, Hu Xiaolong is responsible for the hardware', That is, specific production; Song Junlin is responsible for the software', Is a variety of program coding. Hu Xiaolong said frankly that they had thought of many ways before, such as voice control, passwords, fingerprints, etc. , but some of them have already appeared in the market, some actual conditions are not allowed. Passwords and fingerprints have certain risks. If others crack passwords or steal fingerprints, they can unlock them. However, this device must scan fingerprints with its own mobile phone to unlock them, which can ensure safety. ' In fact, the smart Bluetooth lock seen on the spot is already the second generation after their improvement. Hu Xiaolong said that they used an electromagnet to tie the door lock and carry out mechanical transmission to unlock the door. Although the door can be opened, the electromagnet has a loud sound, and the electromagnet has a large current and power consumption, will occupy a larger volume and additional costs, the final selection is the motor, charger'The form is small and can save electricity. After the improvement, it will apply for a patent. At present, although there are electronic fingerprint locks and combination locks in the domestic market, the price is relatively high. A Korean drama with the same electronic lock product sold on Taobao also costs thousands of yuan. Song Junlin said that the smart Bluetooth lock they made themselves only cost about 100 yuan. At the same time, in order to enrich the needs of modern smart homes, they also added temperature, humidity and air quality detection functions to the device. Because it is done by hand, the beauty will definitely be a little worse. After the improvement, we will apply for a patent. If the company wants to cooperate, we also hope to achieve production.
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