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Combination lock: ancient Chinese lock-each one is a work of art

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-25
'Ci Yuan' says: 'The lock was called the key in ancient times, and the lock is now called the lock.' Man’s magical wisdom and civilization. It is not unnecessary to review the present and think about the ancients, understand the ancient locks used by ancestors, and respect this retired ethnic folk cultural heritage. Chinese locks have a long history and were born almost at the same time as human private ownership. According to the textual research of unearthed cultural relics and historical documents, the development of locks has a history of 5,000 years. People in the Neolithic period knew how to wrap valuables in animal skins, tie them with ropes, and tie a special knot at the opening. This kind of knot can only be opened with a tool called a 'bone file'. Knots and bone files are the prototypes of locks and keys. The ancient lock is a historical testimony. The earliest locks in my country are wooden locks unearthed from the Yangshao cultural site, which originated from door bolts. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, metal locks with a reed structure appeared. By the time of the Tang Dynasty, locks were very popular, mostly made of gold, silver, copper, iron, wood and other materials. Later, the Ming and Qing Dynasties were the heyday of ancient locks. Four types of locks were formed: wide locks, Citi locks, jewelry locks, and torture locks. In the 1950s, low-cost welding hook locks, blade locks, and pin locks entered the Chinese market one after another, and ancient Chinese locks have since withdrawn from the stage of history. Ancient locks have profound cultural connotations, not only practical daily utensils, but also decorative. The materials are gold, silver, copper, iron, wood, and cloisonne locks. Shapes or birds or beasts, or people or things. The carvings are either exquisite or exquisite, or simple and elegant. Ancient skilled craftsmen creatively carved auspicious pictures, calligraphy and characters reflecting folk customs on the lock body. Words such as 'Nine sons and lucky championsThe wisdom of the ancients is also reflected in the slotted design of the keyhole. The shape of the keyholes is different, with the words 'YiThese various keyholes are not only to strengthen the anti-theft function, but also a symbol of the social status and rank of the lock owner. For example, the one-shaped opening is used by the common people, the Shi-shaped opening is used by dignitaries and nobles, and the Ji-shaped opening and the birthday-shaped opening are used for wedding and birthday celebrations respectively. The types of ancient Chinese locks can be roughly divided into two categories: reed structure locks and text combination locks. Among them, reed structure locks can be divided into four types: wide locks, Citi locks, torture locks and jewelry locks. There are also agency locks and code locks, but they are not common. 01 Wide lock Wide lock, also known as horizontal lock. During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, most of them were produced in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, and they were also known as 'Shaosuo'. The folk appellations also include 'three latch lockSince the Tang Dynasty, Guangsuo has been widely used in doors, boxes, kitchens, cabinets, etc., and there are more than one hundred kinds. The wide lock is simple in shape and convenient to switch. It is a typical reed structure lock, and its use range is the most extensive. 02Citi locks Citi locks, 'flower' means a pattern, and 'flag' means a sign, that is, there are locks of various shapes. Citi Lock is a wide variety of locks with diverse styles, which can be used on lock boxes and can also be enjoyed by people. It has rich aesthetic interest and symbolic significance. Citilock has two forms of expression: three-dimensional and flat. The three-dimensional Citi locks directly imitate the shapes of various natural objects, while the flat Citi locks engrave various patterns on the panel. Citi Lock has a wide variety of styles, including utensils, plants, animals, text, characters, and stories. 03 Jewelry locks Jewelry locks are commonly known as 'accessories locksIt is a lock for hanging or wearing. The texture is gold, silver, copper, iron, wood, stone, jade, bone, etc. The shape is like ingot or ruyi, with eye-catching characters or patterns engraved on both sides of the lock body to express people's desire for a better life. 04 Combination lock The combination lock does not have a key. There are several rotatable engraved wheel rings on the lock body. Only by turning the ring to form a hidden Chinese character or number can the lock nose pass and it can be opened. The Chinese characters of Anding are mostly colloquial phrases or verses, such as 'Hemei ZhuguidingThe craftsmanship and style of this lock are also reflected in the characters of Kai, Cao, Xing, Li, and seal, and the calligraphy is full of charm. Generally used by large families or scholars in ancient times. 05 Lijiang Locks The brass pick locks made by Lijiang folk artists are rectangular in shape, neatly arranged up and down, with three or four flow lines on the left and right. The front and the back are engraved with auspicious blessings such as 'Cangfang Lin is substantialDecorative pattern of dragon and phoenix. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, wealthy people in Lijiang had this kind of 'brass pick-up lock' hanging on the gate. Put affection on things, and things have spirits. Although the style of the lock is constantly changing, the blessings placed on the lock have never changed. The joy of the champion and the first prize, the long-cherished wish of peace year after year, the expectation of the Qilin to send his son, the longing of the dragon and the phoenix. Chinese locks lock heavy doors. What can't be locked is time, but what can be locked is memory.
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