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Company talk about unlock verification registration system

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
As a professional company, the company should provide customers with satisfactory services. So, how can the formal professional guarantee the safety of customers to the greatest extent? What is the service process like? Service process: register → confirm the service items and charging standards → sign the operation sheet before unlocking → ask the customer to check whether it is in good condition after opening → agree with the customer for non-technical opening → collect the service fee and issue an invoice. Unlocking is a special industry, but there is no specific management details, so the two most important qualifications of the company are business license and public security record. Only with these identity certificates can we avoid being taken advantage of by those who are ill conceived and cause property losses. Therefore, we hope that the general public will actively cooperate with us. How to verify the identity of the master and ensure the safety of the owner when unlocking the door. First, after the master comes to the door, check whether the qualification certificate of unlocking personnel is the same as the provincial certificate. Second, ask the unlocking personnel to show relevant certificates. Third, whether the unlocking personnel can issue relevant receipts. Fourth, if all of them are satisfied, you can unlock the lock. How to verify that the owner of the house is the first to verify the registration of unlocking before unlocking the door? After unlocking the door, the owner of the house is required to show his / her ID card and other relevant documents before unlocking to check whether the ID card is consistent with his / her own. Second, if it can't be provided, ask the person requesting to unlock whether he or she has a familiar neighbor, or if he or she wants to open a certificate at the property, it's better to have the property staff present to testify that the house is where he or she lives, so as to prevent being misled to open the wrong lock. Third, after unlocking, it is required to ask the unlocking person to show the real estate certificate (such as the lease showing the rental contract). If the name of the real estate certificate does not match the name of the person requesting the unlocking (or there is no rental contract), the company reminds the person requesting the unlocking to find the property or the person (landlord) on the real estate certificate to prove their relationship with the house. Fourth, prove that it is the owner of the house, then you can charge to leave. If not, call the police.
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