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Compared with ordinary door locks, are electronic door locks safer? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-31
I don’t know if you have ever encountered such embarrassing things: working overtime at night and taking a taxi home late at night, when I turned the bag at the door of the house, I remembered that the house key was still in the office. The back door was taken up by the wind; I was pulled out by a dog, and when I came back, I found that there was a key missing in my pocket. One person and one dog were stupid at the door... If I hadn't encountered this kind of thing before, or I thought Bringing a key is annoying, you can consider changing to an electronic door lock that can be opened with a password and fingerprint. How can the electronic door lock be opened? In addition to passwords and fingerprints, electronic door locks can also be unlocked by a total of 5 ways: chip cards, mobile apps, and traditional keys. Among them, chip cards are mostly made relatively small and can be used as mobile phone pendants. Of course, the above 5 methods are not supported by all electronic door locks. The standard configuration is only password unlocking + traditional key. Generally, the more expensive the price, the more methods supported. The fastest and most convenient fingerprint to open the door will cost more. Are electronic door locks safer? Almost not, but more convenient. Thieves basically use keyholes or peepholes to unlock locks. They are fast, quiet, and difficult to detect. Essentially, as long as the door has a keyhole or a peephole, it makes no difference to a thief to pick a lock. (For doors with cat eyes, no matter what kind of lock, it is recommended to equip a 'cat eye protector'.) Most electronic door locks have traditional keyholes, which are used when the door lock is out of power or the circuit board is damaged. It's more hidden. Cat's eye is the standard equipment of many anti-theft doors, and it is also the key point where thieves can bypass all levels of lock cylinders and directly attack your door. By the way, many electronic door locks do not support heaven and earth locks, which will not affect the anti-theft level. Heaven and earth lock can only prevent violent opening of the door, and there is no way to unlock the lock by technology. You may also be very concerned about these ❶ What kind of anti-theft door can be replaced with an electronic door lock? Almost all are possible. Although every electronic door lock has installation requirements, the master can help you modify it when you install it. As long as you communicate with the customer service in the early stage, the installation is mostly not a problem. The heaven and earth lock just mentioned, if there is already on the door, the installer will help to remove it, and the electronic door lock will not be useless because of this. ❷ What should I do if I can’t open it? Use an external battery or contact the manufacturer's customer service. Most of the time, electronic door locks work stably. As long as the brand is reliable and the failure rate is very low, it is most likely that the battery is dead if it cannot be opened. The electronic door lock can be used for 1 year or even longer if the battery is changed once. If the door lock is almost out of power, you will be prompted to replace the battery every time you use it. Even if you forget to change it, most electronic door locks can be temporarily powered by an external battery to open the door. If the circuit board is damaged, contact the manufacturer's customer service personnel or installer, you can come to solve it. If you get used to it and bring a spare key with you, you can use the key first. ❸ What should I do if I am afraid that my password will be seen by others? Try to choose electronic door locks with 'random password' and 'virtual password' functions. The password is only those few. If you always open the lock, you may leave your fingerprints on the touch area. If you forget to wipe it, you may see it; relatives and friends come to the house and block the door when you open the door. It may make people feel embarrassed, no Blocking oneself is not at ease. In fact, most electronic door locks have a 'random password' function, that is, a few digits appear randomly when unlocking, press them and then enter the correct password, so that the distribution of fingerprints will be more even and not easy to guess. The virtual password function is a further step in the 'virtual password' function of some brands. As long as the entered string of numbers contains the correct combination of passwords, the door can be opened regardless of whether it is at the beginning, middle, or end. See also solves the fingerprint problem.
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