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Consumer warning about the intelligent lock quality and safety

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-03

Now the quality safety of smart lock, is directly related to thousands of family property and personal safety. Recently, total bureau of national market supervision organization to carry out the intelligence door lock quality safety risk monitoring, smart door lock products found in the remote unlock and facial recognition all risks, in induction card recognition unlock hidden danger is more, in the logical security password, resistance to electromagnetic interference, there are different degrees of catches fingerprint identification, etc. To protect consumers' personal safety and family property safety, market supervision administration of prompt broad customer, when buying and using smart door lock products, should pay attention to the following: consumer warning 01, as far as possible choose a reputable store to buy, the significant evidence such as ask for bill to the businessman when buy, pay attention to view the product specification, home site, supplier address, phone, warranty certificate and whether the information is complete. Through the network platform to buy, try to choose production enterprise website or official flagship store to buy online shopping platform. 02, suggest to buy which has the function of anti pry alarm and input error alarm intelligent door locks, when continuous operation error or panel when the external force damage, smart door lock instantly sends an alarm signal. 03, when using a digital password lock function, suggest the user to set more than six digital password, do not use the same number or consecutive Numbers for password. 04, advice, enable the combination of validation lock mode, such as using the password + IC card recognition, such as double password + fingerprint authentication. 05, in the use of IC card recognition unlock function of intelligent door locks, shall be properly kept well in the daily use of IC card recognition, prevent the illegal read and copy. 06, using fingerprint identification function of intelligent door locks, fingerprint identification module should be pay attention to in daily use the existence of residual foreign matter or physical damage, if discover the abnormal fingerprint identification module, should immediately stop using the fingerprint recognition, and contact manufacturer to solve. 07, smart door locks are equipped with emergency unlock function, usually adopts mechanical method emergency open, suggest that consumers will at least one emergency unlock keys keep safe place at home. 08, the risk monitoring found that carry facial recognition and remote unlock function of smart door lock security risk is higher, advised consumers to try not to use or close the remote unlock function and face recognition function. 09, applications in use with mobile remote monitoring of intelligent door locks, to strengthen the safety factor of intelligent door locks, suggest to set high strength login password and replaced periodically, such as more than eight password length, the combination of Numbers and letters, etc. * : this article from the Chinese market regulation
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