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Convenience and peace of mind, Fuyu HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock Upgrade will be available soon-Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-27
Fans who are familiar with Fuyu should know: Fuyu launched a low-key 'Smart Door Lock for the Elderly' in May 2018-HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock. The first batch of HM01 Liushuntian Eye smart locks were sold out in July. It took us nearly two months to upgrade the functions on the basis of HM01. It is expected that the HM01 2.0 version will be launched on August 24, 2018. In recent years, because of the convenience of fingerprint locks that do not need to carry keys, many young users have fallen in love with fingerprint locks, and fingerprint locks have indeed become popular in the domestic market. But with so many fingerprint lock brands in the market, none of them is customized for the elderly or what kind of fingerprint lock the elderly need. In Fuyu’s view, with the increasing aging of our country and the increasing number of empty-nest elders, the elderly also have the right to enjoy the convenience brought by technology to their lives. 'Lock' according to. What kind of confusion will the elderly encounter in the face of daily 'locking' things? First of all, as the elderly get older, their memory declines. It is a common occurrence that they forget their keys when they go out temporarily. Secondly, they usually go out to buy vegetables and take care of the children at home. They hold their children or hands when they enter the door. It is inconvenient to find the key when carrying things; again, the quality of fingerprint lock brands on the market is uneven, and many fingerprint locks cannot recognize the fingerprints of the elderly or are not sensitive after a period of time. HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock Fingerprint Module is exclusively customized for the elderly. Aiming at the pain points encountered by the above-mentioned elderly when unlocking in daily life, Fuyu HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock uses fingerprints, passwords, swiping cards and other convenient ways to unlock the lock. , Say goodbye to the traditional key to open the door. Especially after this upgrade of the fingerprint module, a self-learning fingerprint head has been added, making the fingerprint head more sensitive and unlocking faster. Because the fingerprints of the elderly are mostly blurry, they may not be recognized by traditional optical recognition technology. The Fuyu smart lock uses an imported semiconductor fingerprint head, which can quickly identify the fingerprints of the elderly and children, and the more it is used, the higher the efficiency of identification. HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock-The watch can also open the door. After the upgrade, the HM01 smart lock watch can also open the door. Some elderly people are not used to using fingerprints to open the lock, but with Fuyu’s exclusive smart watch, the watch can be used to check the time and pass. The watch can check the weather forecast, and the lock can also be unlocked near the IC card area. HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock-Anti-Tesla coil pulse unlocking is safe. Some time ago, the Tesla coil can open the smart door lock in seconds. Many small smart lock brands have been exposed to circuit design problems and use Cutting corners on materials, Fuyu bought Tesla coils for testing as soon as the incident was exposed. The result of the test was that the Tesla coil could not open the Fuyu HM01 Liushuntian Eye smart lock. After this incident, Fuyu Yu also upgraded the circuit board development and the free motor on the lock body, making the Tesla coil even more unable to open and the unlocking device with stronger pulse than the Tesla coil cannot be opened. HM01 Liushuntianyan smart lock-sliding cover open alarm reminder Liushuntianyan smart lock adds a sliding cover open alarm function reminder on the basis of the original tamper-proof alarm function. The sliding cover is mainly used to protect the privacy and beauty of the mechanical key. In terms of nature, the Fuyu smart lock cylinder adopts a super-safe super B-class lock cylinder, but the most powerful lock cylinder also has the risk of being opened by technology. Based on this consideration, Fuyu has double insurance in When the sliding cover is opened, it will intelligently alarm and link the smart camera to take pictures to the user's mobile phone. You can also set up phone notifications to achieve more security, so that the thief has nothing to do. HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock-After the fake lock alarm has been upgraded, we have added a door sensor to the 6068 electronic lock body, and the inside of the door can be set to push information to understand the door opening information in real time. HM01 Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock-The most obvious difference between a strong fingerprint lock manufacturer and a small factory that has passed the Ministry of Public Security and industry standards certification is whether it can pass the test of the relevant national authority. The Liushun Tianyan smart lock was submitted for inspection by the Security and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The report on July 16, 2018 showed that the inspection result of Fuyu HM01 Liushun Tianyan smart cloud lock complies with GA 374-2001 'Electronic Anti-theft Lock' Relevant regulations of A-level.
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