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Copper art hardware: intelligent is standard, antibacterial is king

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-23

Fuyu copper art hardware: intelligent is standard, antibacterial is king according to iresearch net survey is: under the trend of consumption upgrade, smart door lock industry is full of opportunities. But the current smart door lock consumption market penetration is low, the progress of the market space is very large. Smart door lock, in the eyes of consumers, is no longer out of reach, but a 'flying off the shelves. Along with the market consumption upgrade, the mainstream consumers demand for the product quality has been far beyond the price sensitive, high quality hardware can not only enhance the value of the door, also can bring more high quality of life experience to consumers. A smart mute, can also antibacterial intelligent door locks, not only can improve the quality of life, but also can protect your family's safety and health. Fuyu antibacterial technology by using the principle of independent research and development of antimicrobial antibacterial antibacterial coating, the antibacterial agent mixed with advanced coating, through special processing methods, the antibacterial ion, to deposit on the surface of the product, together with the advanced coating formation has antibacterial effect of coating, so that products meet the antibacterial effect. Fuyu antibacterial metal under the condition of laboratory test, the antibacterial performance of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus was as high as 99%; As long as the coating is not damaged, antibacterial effect can last forever. Antimicrobial use smart door lock, not expensive! Mention intelligent products, consumers think of is the price in the first place. An integrated into the high-tech products, is bound to have certain reflect on price. But, you know? A the same price of door lock, in addition to smart mute, also both antibacterial function. As the saying goes: a good horse matchs good saddle. The door to take a good lock. Choose a built-in antibacterial function of intelligent locks to protect your family health, let the door really play the function of the first 'protective wall' family! After quiet, intelligence, safety, and a keyword - — 'Antibacterial,' Fuyu will redefine five golden gate with standard, gives the connotation of the wooden door is not the same!
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