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Copper floor drain products overall household 'arm'

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-02

On June 14, the Fuyu floor drain collection officially listed, caused the industry. In the new concept of 'whole household copper' after the fashion of Fuyu again for itself and the whole industry into a needle 'arm', sped up the steps of market development, full speed up the development of the strategy. Fuyu floor drain, speed up the integration process, Fuyu floor drain products is one of the highlights of the differentiating features. According to Fuyu related technical personnel, the product used for magnetic closure type, straight type drainage and other advanced technology, on the material continue to use high-quality 59 # forging copper bar as the main body, greatly improved the toughness and corrosion resistance and stability of the floor drain. And it is worth noting that the most characteristic is that the leading electroplating process, adopted the gold-plated and bronze two colors, than common stainless steel color more features on the market, upgrade the grade of the product and taste, highlight the high-end users for the unique pursuit of high quality, high taste of life. In addition, the design style of Fuyu floor drain is of its own. As a triumph, return to Greece, the United States, the mighty, the extension of the duke of milan, etc series products, its design elements and the matching door locks, sanitary hardware products adopted unified elements of Italian and European classical style, with the same type of products on the market to form clear differences. The second highlight is to accelerate the process of the integration of the brand. Fuyu, glory day emperor, the empire, the mighty triumph, return to Greece, the Medici, the duke of milan six classic series, and various series are made from a mix of unique style of products, including locks, handle, roll of paper tube, such as bath towel rack door use, sanitary hardware. In order to perfect the concept of 'whole house', to better meet the personalized needs of users, tailored Fuyu respectively is one of the four series of cutting the floor drain products, different style in to supplement the original series products, more to strengthen its integrative household 'copper' concept, to speed up the integration of the speed of integration. Fuyu new product or a floor drain barometer of choose and buy, a jolt to the industry so far, floor drain as a 'detail' products, household hardware did not cause the enough attention of the industry, is the weak link of hardware industry. Clueless of Fuyu floor drain 59 # high-quality imported copper, guarantees the quality of the high-end products, routinely Italian noble descent, is a pioneer floor drain and household hardware industry in the field of high-quality goods. 'I purchased the Fuyu 'return to Greece series floor drain, feel very good. Before the most important is it to buy the Fuyu collectors and towel rack the product style is unified, even the surface pattern is the same, integral feeling is very comparable to other products on the market many fine indeed. 'Chan when accepting a reporter to interview. Thus, Fuyu floor drain new products launched by has formed a good reputation. According to industry experts, Fuyu copper floor drain is hardware industry in the high quality of work, for the whole household industry a jolt. The electroplating process, style, taste of bound to become an important standard, high-end consumers choose and floor drain in the future and it won't be weakened in a short time. Integration of floor drain fittings will become household hardware next race point as Fuyu floor drain new product launch, copper floor drain was quickly focus attention. According to the reporter survey, 87% of high-end consumers and 95% of high-end designer said high-grade copper decoration preferred products. Floor drain, experts said, the products will become household hardware enterprise competition of products, also the omen hardware industry tend to 'integration'.
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