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Copper household Evergrande real estate group hand in hand, and seek common development, and win-win future

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-22

On July 24, Evergrande property materials company Sue always lead the team to the Fuyu home visit, copper copper by Fuyu home Lou dong and engineering manager huang the warm reception of the manager. This is the two sides established strategic partnership after meeting again, Fuyu copper to attach great importance to the household, the two sides for the process of cooperation projects are carried on the thorough discussion, Evergrande a Sue total of site investigation and visit the production workshop and living pavilion, satisfied with the products to the Fuyu supply; Lou dong also Evergrande thanked the Fuyu product recognition and visit, the two sides also next long-term cooperation full of expectation. This marked the Fuyu household with copper Evergrande real estate group cooperation will enter a new historical development period. Workshop to visit the exhibition hall visit in Lou dong and engineering manager, accompanied by Mr Chao-yang huang Evergrande property material company Sue total and home team a line to Fuyu copper pavilion to visit production workshop, installation workshop and life. Lou dong is Fuyu copper household brand strategy planning is introduced in detail. Lou dong to Evergrande property led a line of people about our recent launch of the new intelligent lock - health - - - - - - A true focus on consumer health smart lock, fingerprint lock at the same time, can collect the user's health parameters ( Heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen) , Evergrande property Sue always wait a line after watching the product on the face is full of smile. During the visit, Fuyu copper home Lou dong and engineering manager huang to Sue always Evergrande real estate for a line of life in all kinds of products has carried on the detailed introduction. At present, in the Fuyu copper household has entered the broad consumer in the family, the future, household and copper Fuyu Evergrande real estate group will be more firmly to strengthen cooperation, accelerate the offline channel layout, by combining the brand and platform, strengthening service system, deepen the consumer experience, create a wider win-win sky.
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