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Cost-effective choice of door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-07
Cost-effective locks do choose now on the market there are many kinds of door lock, the material has: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space, pure copper, wood, etc. ; Colorful styles more, sort, choose a person dazzling. Many people will not choose indoor door lock, literally from a hardware store to buy a lock, and then use it broke a few days, demanding. The choice of interior door lock quality is always the core elements, so how to choose the cost-effective good quality locks? Indoor door lock factory workers come today and you say in detail.     Method one: try lock is flexible & emsp;   When buy a lock, try to go to the shop, and many times turn the lock with a key, observe whether rotating lock core is sensitive, if you leave, then don't choose the best.     Method 2: look at the door made of what material & emsp;   Door lock material selection directly determines the quality of the locks, common lock materials are on the market: space aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, pure copper, etc. , the pure copper cost is higher, generally used as villa large door lock, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy space is accepted by the people on the market.     Method 3: to observe the lock of the packaging or instruction & emsp;   Now domestic for locks from GB standard upgrade now QB standard, the new standards make lock better comprehensive performance, cost is higher, but due to some small factories, lack of the corresponding conditions, also produces GB standard of original door lock, it must pay attention to very much.     Method 4: door lock hardware accessories & emsp;   Buy a lock, hardware accessories is together, so cost-effective door lock, in addition to the lock body itself will be a problem, also need to observe the form a complete set of hardware, such as door stopper, hinge and so on. If there is a problem, it will affect the use effect of the locks.     Method 5: to observe the surface of the lock body & emsp;   Now on the market there is such a door lock, the lock is produced by small factories, surface often appear some of tiny trachoma, this if you don't watch carefully is hard to find, factories at the time of making locks can be electroplated on the surface of the lock body, this is in order to protect the lock body, let more prolong the service life of the lock body.     Believe you to look at the introduction above, should know how to choose cost-effective door lock, if still not clear you can visit our official website: http://www. zide360. Com, contact customer service to help solve it.     More wonderful information recommendation: what are the hinges selection method indoor door lock manufacturers experiencing problems which hand lock what are the characteristics of different material
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