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Cost of unlocking?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-25
When locksmith usually goes out to unlock the lock, he often hears these words: 'you should help me, cheaper...' 'you just poke a few times, 100 yuan, and it's too easy for you to earn this money...' locksmith's master is so angry at these words. Kukaijun will calculate the cost of opening a lock for you today! What is the cost? Officially speaking, cost is the value category of commodity economy and an integral part of commodity value. Generally speaking, cost is something paid for production and operation. Some of the things paid are visible, some are invisible, and those invisible things are often ignored by people. How much does it cost to open a lock? The cost of unlocking is divided into explicit cost and invisible cost. One is explicit cost lock, rent, water, electricity, logistics, labor and other material costs. If you want to be a locksmith, you need to consider the location of the shop to purchase locks, etc. in the later stage, you need to promote yourself, and you need to pay for rent, water and electricity and other costs, which are obvious. 2. Hidden cost 1. Time cost. People all think locksmith has free working time. In fact, they study locks in their own shop every day, except for going out to unlock the lock. Sometimes they don't even pay attention to more than ten minutes of eating. 2. The labor cost is paid by labor every time you go out to unlock the lock. If you pay, you should be rewarded. Many people say that the locksmith's salary is higher than that of the white-collar workers. In fact, these people don't see the locksmith's pay. 3. Strictly speaking, locksmith employees are all employed with certificates. With the development of science and technology, they also need to continuously learn and accumulate new knowledge and technology, participate in different training and meetings, and improve their own unlocking technology. These are costs that consumers cannot see. The locksmith's return costs so much, but in exchange for the customer's incomprehension, from various aspects of competition, if you find a locksmith to unlock the lock, please don't bargain. In order to retain customers, they repeatedly reduce profits and strive to improve service level.
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