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Dahua first pushes new intelligent door lock ASL81 series New Products

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
A few days ago, Dahua intelligent door lock added a new product: the introduction of intelligent home lock ASL81 series. Electroplated wire drawing treatment, no fading and anti-oxidation; Natural 20 °Inclined aesthetic design, always attractive; Support card, password and fingerprint three unlocking methods, and safe and reliable, cost-effective; Based on the tide of the Internet and the internet of things era, the products have networking access function to realize more intelligent applications. It is suitable for apartments, hotels, residential areas, offices and other places, satisfying the more relaxed, convenient and quality life pursuit of modern urbanites, making it extremely simple to open the door. The traditional password door lock in the high security anti-peeping password market is easy to be peeped into the password, thus causing theft at home. This series of smart home locks support virtual password input to prevent others from spying. For example, the password of the user's home is 123456, and the user can enter × at will. ××123456 ×××. . . , × Is any number, as long as the correct password 123456 appears in the order, the lock can be successfully unlocked. Biological fingerprints, worry-free fingerprints, is a key that you carry with you, eliminating the trouble of forgetting to bring keys, losing keys, etc, it also adds anti-theft and anti-skid functions to the modern complex living environment. This series of intelligent home locks, innovative capacitive fingerprint identification, technology from Sweden, collecting dermis, fingerprints can not be copied, whether it is dry fingers, wet fingers, light lines, peeling, scratches, etc. can be read quickly. The world's first, Fingerprint flip Dahua shares condensed more than ten years of experience and technology accumulation in the security industry, with exquisite craftsmanship, innovative technology, convenient experience for every user, open a new future for smart home. This series of smart home door locks, the world's first Fingerprint flip-chip design, breaks the traditional fingerprint door lock is easy to accumulate dust, it is more natural to use. The Super B- class lock cylinder has changed our life and overturned our imagination, but without the support of the strong lock cylinder, it may be a false one. The lock cylinder uses a number of leading anti-theft technologies to eliminate the possibility of technology opening, high safety and reliability, and ensure safety at home. At the same time, the smart lock supports channel mode and interference-free mode, allowing free travel and privacy to follow one's inclinations. In addition, the series of intelligent home locks also have the function of reversing and locking, and the door handle can be locked by gently lifting it; Available in red bronze, black bronze, and brushed silver, it meets the needs of users for different color combinations. At present, the market acceptance and attention of products are continuously improving. Based on the arrival of the internet of things era and the preparation for the rise of the civil market, Dahua chose to have a lock' Dedicated to guarding the first door of home life with wisdom'.
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