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Dahua launches smart door lock to make home office more secure-FUYU-img

Dahua launches smart door lock to make home office more secure

by:FUYU     2020-01-03
Recently, Dahua Co. , Ltd. launched the intelligent door lock DH- SL5102RX series, the products reflect Dahua's technical advantages accumulated in the field of intelligent buildings for nearly ten years, and integrate international leading contactless IC card technology, touch sensing technology and anti-peep key technology, etc, in terms of safety, durability, operability and comfort, it fully meets the needs of modern urban people for home and office space. High-security products have password unlocking function, and password input supports adding virtual bits to prevent peeping and recording; The lock body adopts an anti-insertion structure, which makes the mechanical lock become a bubble, and the lock core has an alarm function, which can shock the lock on the spot. Easy to operate when registering a card, all required card keys can be registered in one operation; When the entire home or office environment is relaxed and safe, the channel mode can be opened to facilitate the random access of the party or the frequent access of the ordinary office. The audio-visual feedback system of interactive comfort products has the feedback of sound and light when each button is touched; When voltage ≤4. At 5 V, the underpower symbol and language prompt will be activated, and both blind and deaf people can obtain the power information accurately and timely; There are obvious unlocking and locking symbols in the left and right lower corners of the door lock, and the door lock status is prompted by the red and blue two-color voice. Strong and durable door lock shell is protected by plastic powder with high weather resistance, and salt spray test can reach 200 h, including coastal cities, which can also be used well; The life of the lock body exceeds 100 thousand times. If the frequency of use is calculated at 10 times a day, the door lock can be used for 30 years.
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