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Dahua shares a number of star products won the 'China Good Design' top award

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Dahua in the industrial design community to pass the good news! A few days ago, as a red dot China' China's good design with important honors in the field of industrial design'The award was announced. With world-class product quality and superior user experience, Dahua's star product My eyes industrial camera has won China's good design' Gold Medal, Seriaitions panoramic multi-purpose camera family, video conference system, indoor eccentric camera and 9 series intelligent electronic door lock won China's good design'Winning Award. Good design in China' Gold Award and winning award certificate, good design in China' The award is the top award sponsored by the German Red Dot Award organization and with the most international level in China's industrial design. Under the joint choice and witness of a jury composed of 12 top international design masters, Dahua's five independent innovation products have emerged from the 498 nominated products in the world and won honors, this not only reflects the global user's industrial design strength and craftsmanship spirit of Dahua' At the same time, it also shows that Dahua's brand charm and influence on the international stage are constantly being released. Dahua's Huarui technology Machine Vision My eyes industrial camera is more in it' Not only is it an evaluation of these five award-winning products, Dahua's intention is reflected in every detail of the products, which is not only a breakthrough in technology, but also makes customers feel its value. In particular, Dahua My eyes industrial camera has a small and exquisite appearance, fast transmission speed and strong anti-interference ability, and can output stable high-definition images for a long time; The area array camera adopts high-quality CCD and CMOS chips, and has the characteristics of high resolution, high sensitivity, excellent imaging quality and first-class color restoration capability, widely used in product testing, medicine and science, electronic semiconductors, textile printing, food and chemical industries. Dahua panoramic multi-view camera family (Watcher, multi-eye infrared gun, four-eye hemisphere) Dahua's products do not follow the market, but are all customer-oriented. Through in-depth understanding of market demand, they guide the direction of product design and technological change, so as to develop products that are more in line with customers' needs, such as award-winning panoramic multi-purpose cameras, video conferencing systems, indoor eccentric cameras, etc. Dahua panoramic multi-purpose camera series, support 360 °180 ° Panoramic shooting, through the intelligent algorithm to the image stitching, to meet the needs of users with higher definition, more full field of view of the large scene monitoring needs; Dahua video conference system creates a brand-new conference experience and is satisfied with various scenarios such as remote business communication, project discussion, work report, mobile office, training summary, emergency linkage command, etc; Dahua indoor eccentric network camera adopts eccentric lens design to effectively improve the useful space within the monitoring range, and is specially designed for small and medium-sized places requiring high-definition real-time professional monitoring such as corridors, elevators, corridors and buses. Dahua smart door lock 9 series, Dahua's products, from design to application, are well designed with the industry' The definition is very consistent, whether it is its look, texture or experience, has excellent performance. In order to pursue world-class quality, Dahua has made self-changes in the depths of the soul again and again, and such changes will never stop! Classic works that have been updated many times-- Dahua 9 series smart lock, unique mirror process, both stylish and atmospheric, workmanship and texture is unique, once the product is listed, it has won wide acclaim from new and old customers, it also explains Dahua's persistent pursuit of process design and user experience.
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