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Detailed explanation of leader star: the difference between fingerprint lock and smart lock, why install smart lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
Intelligent door lock is a hot topic in decoration in recent years, especially what is the difference between intelligent lock and fingerprint lock' Consumers do not understand thoroughly, and may miss important functions when purchasing, which is a lot less convenient. In 618' When you come, the leader Star will introduce the difference between the two in detail, so that you can make a purchase plan that suits you. Difference 1: the core of the smart lock of mobile phone APP is superior to the conventional fingerprint lock, which lies in the interaction between mobile phone APP and the door lock. Through the smart APP, the deep Information Association is realized. For example, the upgraded version of APP Huixiang home used by the leader Star DX smart lock' It can be unlocked remotely, and a temporary password can be generated to customize the effective time and number of times, which is convenient and safe. In addition, in order to facilitate management, the leader star also added the function added by family members, one binding, the whole family is convenient. Moreover, in order to be close to the relationship between family members, the user's nickname and avatar can edit themselves, open the APP, and see the intimate and vivid family information, which can bring more real life enjoyment. Difference 2: Unlocking mode, conventional fingerprint lock unlocking mode, usually only simple fingerprint identification, password identification, function is also very convenient and fast, but not rich enough to meet more life needs. For example, many communities have access control systems, and the access to the community card, and the new smart lock, you can identify such property cards, so that the owner can use a card. In addition, there is a remote unlocking function, which is operated by mobile phone to solve the problem of no one in the family. Some fingerprint locks only support a single unlocking form, but the smart lock can be set by itself to achieve combined unlocking mode, three-dimensional protection, multiple guards! Difference 3: Information push and query, traditional door lock or fingerprint lock with simple function, only simple switch function, unlocking information can be found without trace. In order to make users feel more at ease, Leader star has given DX smart lock new wisdom: real-time push of unlocking information and inquiry of unlocking records. At work, the mobile phone received timely information from the elderly and children to get home safely-- This can satisfy the user's sense of security in the bottom of his heart. The intelligence of the leader star is born for this. Difference 4: hardware, only fingerprint module? Only password keys? Only motherboards that read information? No, the hardware of the old fingerprint lock is not smart enough. Leader star DX smart lock with F- Touch semiconductor sensor for faster and more accurate recognition and smart dual-core-- Two ST32-bit MCU processors, two-way encryption, synchronous identification, safe and fast unlocking. Difference 5: The system algorithm is also the excellence of the new generation of intelligent locks. DX has implanted the Biosec core algorithm into the fingerprint identification system, which improves the processing speed in an all-round way, and automatically collects new fingerprint features every time it is identified. The more it is used, the more sensitive it is. In terms of opening information management, DX uses a bank-level Ali Cloud server encryption system to store all user privacy in the cloud to ensure zero leakage. Difference 6: automatic alarm, when you go out, the door lock can't be taken away. How can you know that there is movement in front of the door when you are far away from home? This conventional fingerprint lock is slightly insufficient. Through the Association of the mobile phone APP, the smart lock can promptly launch an alarm on the mobile phone APP in case of external force damage, so that the user can know the emergency of the door lock in time. Difference 7: The Intelligent lock of the intelligent security system has a big advantage over the conventional fingerprint lock, that is, the access of the intelligent security system and even the intelligent home system, which does not have the fingerprint lock of the intelligent module and can only work alone, the smart lock realizes the three-dimensional protection of family safety through all-round linkage such as cat's eye, monitoring and mobile phone, making the home safer and smarter. On the basis of the function of the fingerprint lock, the intelligent lock expands more intelligent and humanized functions, making the door lock accessible at all times, visible to the eye, convenient for management, and reinforced the Guardian, smart locks can better represent the future of smart life!
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