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Detailed illustrations - hand lock internal structure Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-16
Currently on the market of hand lock many category, brand is multifarious, yao appearance almost hand lock, the price has to, to consumers caused great distress, single from the outside, the layman is hard to see how the wheat from the chaff. Know the hand lock internal structure, to pick the locks with good quality, in the life of common hand lock by commonly: hand lock, lock body, lock, panel and hardware accessories of five parts. Fu yu hardware below small make up to you in detail the difference between each part and how to choose.     Hold hand lock internal structure: & emsp;   1, a hand & emsp;   Hand lock, also known as the handle. The main materials for production: zinc alloy, log, stainless steel and pure copper, etc. Including zinc alloy metal with excellent properties is accepted by the public, zinc alloy plastic ability strong, can make all kinds of different styles and colors, more personalized. Of hand choice in addition to the material, production process, are key to a good quality of hand lock to polishing and electroplating process, through many protective film on the surface of zinc alloy to form carefully, isolated from pollution of harmful substances.     2, a hand lock panel & emsp;   Panel size of the different can be divided into indoor door lock hold hands with large door lock, need to choose the appropriate panel according to the thickness of the wooden door, wooden door commonly thickness of about 40 mm, special thick need to find a hand to lock the door manufacturer to custom, the other is the same with handle, panel for production process requirement is very high, same with plating coating is far, and there were no electricity using time difference is bigger also.     3, a hand lock lock & emsp;   Lock is the core of the control wood door open closed parts, interior of hand lock lock common structure for marbles, marbles, the more security ability is stronger. Small make up recommend, using a fixed number of year of hand lock has to be replaced, or billiard after wear, mutual opening rate is high, not safe.     4, a hand lock lock body & emsp;   Lock body as the core component of a lock, have the effect of connect all the parts together, is composed of guide plate and the tongue, the common lock body on the market there are three kinds of specifications: 50 58 lock body and lock body, lock body 72. Good tongue and latch lock tongue two kinds, in the choose and buy when the lock tongue choose solid, otherwise it won't be long before the lock tongue will fall off.     5, hold hand lock accessories & emsp;   Includes: door stopper, hinge, hinge, keys, screw, etc. , including the key selection of pure copper, can be used for many years not deformation, not broken.
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