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Development prospect of regular unlocking industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
In the market, many people call for the legalization and standardization of unlocking because of the backward technology, weak legal consciousness, no certificate, no address, no after-sales service, no quality assurance, etc. With the development of the times, the needs of customers, the improvement of people's legal awareness and the consideration of their own personal and property safety, not only have the requirements for the standardization, strictness and legalization of unlocking the industry, but also have higher demand levels for service attitude and charging standards. Unlocking is not only for people's convenience, but also for considering a company's civilization and overall service level. It has dual fingerprint and voice navigation functions, effectively preventing fake fingerprint and duplicate fingerprint from unlocking, and fingerprint binding password opening function. Cat's eye anti pressure door opening function: effectively prevent burglary by opening the door by pressing the handle under the cat's eye. SUS304 stainless steel material, plate thickness of 2.0mm, effectively prevent thieves from using forceps and other tools to damage the professional quality assurance of the panel. Multiple lock bodies are interchangeable with the current anti-theft door lock, without opening. Optional lock body: double hook overlord lock body type a national standard wide lock body type B national standard lock body Panpan universal lock body type 9 universal lock body type 13 universal Wang Li lock body.
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