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Direction adjustment method of hand lock handle Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-23
Recently received small make up part of the customers' reaction was a hand toward and ordinary lock handle, don't know how to deal with. Actually a brand new hand lock to packaging transportation is convenient, put his hand inside and outside the hand are facing down, so can save more space in the process of packaging, reduce the cost of manufacturer. And holding hands down lock handle can be adjusted according to actual situation. Below small make up to introduce you to adjust the direction of the specific methods of hand lock handle.     1, use a screwdriver to built-in screw twist in the back of the panel, panel and handle can be separated.     2, according to the direction of the door, will handle direction is adjusted for normal state.     3, the good parts of trampoline, tighten the screws, can. To hand the lock handle towards has been adjusted, isn't it simple? If still not clear, can counseling online customer service for help.
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