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Divided into which categories - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-24
There are all kinds of door locks, different kinds of door lock usage is different also, have door locks, indoor door lock, bathroom door locks, anti-theft lock, and so on. When selecting a door lock need to undertake choosing according to actual use, select brand door lock, quality guaranteed, the common indoor door lock on the market can be divided into: put a hand lock, glass door lock, bathroom lock and four types of ball lock. Under the interior door lock manufacturers of each different door lock for everyone to do a detailed introduction.     Indoor door locks categories: & emsp;   Category a: insert core of hand lock & emsp;   Insert core of hand is the mainstream of indoor door lock, lock the main installation in the bedroom, study, and the interior space, such as the kitchen out of shape points into the core of hand lock and lock and fission lock can be divided into an organic whole, common materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy, four kinds of pure copper and aluminum alloy, the insert core is commonly used in life of hand lock is given priority to with stainless steel and zinc alloy.     Category 2: glass door lock & emsp;   You can know from the name, main installed on the glass door, glass door locks the commonly used material for stainless steel or zinc alloy, advantage is that don't need to open a hole on the glass door installation, safety performance is outstanding, is common in the workplace.     Category 3: spherical door lock & emsp;   Spherical door lock belong to old interior door lock, have a trend of being eliminated by the market, are slowly replaced by hand lock insert core, internal deconstruction is complex, easy to rust, easy to damage, belongs to the locks on behalf of the product in 80/90.     Category 3: bathroom lock & emsp;   Bathroom lock is also known as keyless door lock, and the biggest difference between the common indoor door lock is no keyhole, no key to open, a slotted on the external panel, a locked case, can open with a coin, one side near the bathroom has the security knob, twist the security knob, bathroom lock in a locked state, outsiders are not open.     Fu yu hardware has 21 years in the industry of indoor door lock production research and development experience, professional for the wooden door factory, wood shop, lock engineering projects supporting services, direct manufacturers, with more than 500 kinds of style, to produce more than 60 ten thousand indoor door lock, products meet national standards.
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