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Do you know the function of smart fingerprint lock?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
The concept of smart home has been put forward for more than ten years, and now it has become a hot spot for economic growth and is sought after. After adding the fingerprint unlocking function to the mobile phone and door lock, the security performance has indeed improved by more than one grade. Do you know the function of the intelligent fingerprint lock? 1. Remote unlocking function: when emergency door opening is required, you can dial the home fixed phone to enter the password for confirmation or send a short message to the door lock to realize remote unlocking. 2. Anti-theft real-time alarm function: when the door is opened improperly, the door lock will beep and report to the owner's mobile phone and property management system simultaneously. 3. Imperceptible anti-hijacking alarm function: the door lock will send the anti-hijacking special door opening alarm information to the family mobile phone or property management system. 4. Automatic identification function for family members: special passwords or induction cards can be set for people who need special attention at home (Such as the elderly, children) Use, special personnel to open the door or go home owners will receive SMS notification. 5. Information update function: if the nanny or employee is dismissed, there is no need to change the lock. After the door lock is set, the original personnel will not be able to unlock it with the original password or induction card. The above five aspects are about the function introduction of the intelligent fingerprint lock. The intelligent fingerprint lock is easy to use, safe and reliable, and is manifested in: no need to bring keys, no brain to record passwords, prevent theft, and fire can alarm (Samsung lock has this function)As long as you have a finger, you can open the door (Of course registered).
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