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Do you know why the battery of the electronic smart lock can be used for more than a year?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-08
Speaking of which you may not believe, the same alkaline battery, the power consumed on a remote control car is very different from the power consumed on a smart lock or even a remote control. Many people have also noticed that for the same AA battery, the rechargeable battery will indicate the amount of power, but the alkaline battery does not have a corresponding label for the amount of power. Why? Rechargeable batteries will be marked with power. For batteries, the biggest difference between remote control cars and smart locks is that they require different power when working. If it is placed on the AA battery, the current is different (because the voltage is 1.5V). Then the reason for the same battery to get different power capacity appears in this current. Alkaline batteries are different from other batteries including mobile phone batteries. Although alkaline batteries can discharge up to about 3000mAh (discharge to 900mV), they are limited to low current discharge, that is, 0.1A or lower current. If it is high current discharge, it will greatly reduce the actual power consumption. This is why there are also eight AA batteries, and the remote control car can only run for a while (the remote control car we played when we were young even runs out of power after only 15 minutes), but it can support the smart lock for more than a year . Alkaline batteries can keep the smart lock working for more than a year. Even so, it is recommended to use alkaline batteries for power supply in some electrical appliances that consume a lot of power (such as cameras with flashes).
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