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Do you say 'unlock the king'

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
More and more attention has been paid to the regulation and safety of 'door-to-door unlocking'. What is the management status of the unlocking industry in our city? Is there any similar hidden danger? In order to find out, the reporter recently made a special interview. 'Extra' service industry walks in the streets and alleys of the urban area. From time to time, we can find small shops with keys. All kinds of words 'with keys' and 'unlock' are written on the pavement. Some of them are also marked with 'unlock the king' and 'unlock the door' in a prominent position to attract the eyes of passers-by. According to the relevant regulations, the personnel engaged in the lock opening work should go to the local industrial and commercial department to apply for the business license, and go to the Public Security Bureau for registration and filing. When visiting some shops in the city that provide door-to-door unlocking service, the reporter found that most of them do not have the business license, and a few of them are still mobile stalls pushing tricycles. It is understood that the scope of work of 'lock opening' approved by relevant departments is only limited to the repair of lock matching keys, not to unlock. However, in the shops of various repair keys, the 'extra' service of door-to-door unlocking is often provided at the same time. Different 'door' gatekeepers, under what circumstances will these 'lock lords' unlock other people's doors? Is it called? The reporter pretended to ask for help to unlock the lock, and inspected the 'lock king' who provided door-to-door unlocking service in the city. In the East kuchong street, the reporter found a lock shop with master Chen. The reporter said that he had lost the key to the house in Zhuyuan and asked him to help him unlock the door. '20 yuan a handful, a few minutes to help you figure it out.' At first, Chen didn't ask the reporter to show his identity card, but when the reporter asked if he needed to go through any formalities, he said: 'I don't need you to go to the police station to prove, but I need to prove that the house is yours.' The reporter asked how to prove it. 'Is the house yours or someone else's?' When he learned it was for rent, master Chen said, just let the landlord confirm it. The reporter also said that the landlord had been on a business trip, not in Zhongshan, and could not be confirmed by the landlord. 'You can tell where there is something in the room, and confirm it after opening the lock. It can also be used as a proof.' Mr. Chen said that the reporter's accent is a foreigner, and he can't help to unlock the lock, or he will become an accomplice if there is a problem. Subsequently, the reporter came to Songyuan road with a lock shop. This time, the reporter called it his own house, and asked the master here to help unlock the door. Similarly, after the reporter offered to prove whether or not, the master said that it was better to have a neighbor or property management personnel present. The reporter then found 7 matching stores located in Sunwen East Road and other sections. However, when the reporter did not ask for any proof, they did not take the initiative to ask the reporter to show relevant proof. To standardize management, we need to strengthen the current lock industry in our city, which is still lack of effective management, more rely on self-discipline. However, when it comes to unlocking the door, driven by economic interests and in the absence of supervision and standardized management by relevant departments, it is inevitable that a small number of people 'recognize money and ignore people' and 'forget' these oral commitments for a while. Although the 'king of unlocking' can help solve some people's immediate difficulties, disorderly management can open the lock at the sight of it, and no standardized manager can come at once, which is not conducive to social stability and contains hidden dangers endangering family safety. As a special industry, the relevant departments shall regulate the management of unlocking service. First of all, it should be legal and have the qualification certificate issued by relevant departments. Secondly, as a sensitive industry, the unlocking service should set up the service standard to reassure the masses as much as possible. When unlocking, it's better to ask the neighborhood committee leader or the police of the police station to be present. 'Lock king' and other service industries should have effective management methods.
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