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Does the lock company tell you it's hard to get

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
What is the difference between a car key and other keys? To match the car key, first of all, we need to understand the difference between the car key and the ordinary home key. As we all know, the key of ordinary house is lost. If there is a spare key, it can be used continuously or a new key can be added. Of course, there is a hidden danger. If the person who finds your key knows your address, he can easily enter your home. Therefore, in order to be safe, the lock cylinder of the door lock will be replaced together with a new set of keys after losing a key, so that even if the lost key is found, it is impossible for him to open your door. It's the same with the car key. The car key can be used normally if it's lost. However, the car key is relatively safe and high-end. If we want to have a remote key, the 4S shop needs to match the new key with a 'code' on the original car. After matching, the new key can be enabled, and the lost key will be invalid. Even if someone finds your old key, he can only open your door by mechanical unlocking, but it is impossible to start your vehicle. Therefore, the security level of this 'code' has become a major factor in determining the price. Some people think it's not safe to open my door. Is there a more secure way. Of course, just like changing the door lock cylinder, the most rigorous way is to change a set of whole car locks, so that the person who finds your key will not even be able to enter the door. Is the price of car key high? Understand the simple principle of car lock, someone may ask, is the price of car key high? Is it troublesome to operate? We selected BMW, Audi, Ford, GAC Toyota and Chery, five different brands for the test. Through the test, we found that the cost of matching car keys is much more expensive than imagined. In addition to the fact that the 4S shop of GAC Toyota does not provide key matching business, according to the different models and brands, the cost of a single remote key is at least 100 yuan, and that of some luxury brand models is thousands of yuan, which is just a single key. Of course, if you want to achieve absolute security, you need to replace the whole car lock. The price is much more expensive than that of a single key. According to the survey results, due to the different grades of 'code' and lock cylinder, if you want to replace the whole car lock, the price is more than 1000 yuan. The price of independent brands and some joint ventures is a little cheaper. The replacement price of some luxury brands is about 2300 yuan. Even some models need to exceed 4000 yuan. The price is really not cheap.
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