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Don't more advanced cars have keyholes

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
Some cars have one keyhole on each front door, one on the trunk and one on the fuel tank, but they still need remote control lock to open the door. Because of these keyholes, some car owners are afraid that their cars will be lost and others will have keys to drive their cars away. They were wondering if the more advanced cars didn't have keyholes? If not, can I get rid of the keyhole? Still can use remote control lock to open the device that can have thief to break password? Is there no keyhole? In fact, it's not the case. The keyhole must be kept, which has been repeatedly tested by designers. Because after a remote control fails, the function of the keyhole will appear. This injustice is here. In the current keyless ignition system, the key is placed in the bag, and the door can be opened by pressing the button on the car, although it is In this way, some cars still have key ignition holes, such as Volkswagen's Touareg Tenghui. From these aspects, keyhole is very necessary.
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