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Done this, you will feel smart lock expensive?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Regardless of what to buy equipment or you are accustomed to bargaining, of course, this is not what is wrong because each individual's money from heaven fell up is itself is earned with difficulty, all want to use it in the most needed areas or want to buy equipment itself is a value that is worth at least what to buy equipment, I hope this is human nature good and inexpensive but not all of the equipment to be able to use a low price could buy as smart locks, bought several hundred yuan is equivalent to bought a lot of problems have a problem with my home, after all is a problem because the price is too cheap, there is no profit margins, which come of services besides, intelligent lock like clothes don't have money to buy a few thousand a no money, buy a controlled, it doesn't matter but smart lock bears on the personal and property of the family peace if covet is cheap, there are may be somebody else take a few hundred dollars of intelligent lock to fool you said nothing to networking, fingerprints, keys, etc. , will be able to unlock but do you know? A few hundred dollars, in a formal company hasn't enough cost how can produce a qualified intelligent lock the price up to also buy a machine to lock, lock by buy machine price to sell a smart lock, do you really dare to use it or, would you still think that now the village, civil air defense, security, monitoring, are doing very well what the lock is the same why pay thousands for a smart lock it but good security, also there is always a blind area said again, the thieves will no longer be 'thieves' two words written on his face the more won't go to your house to steal to is fair and square, install a good lock or very be necessary, don't wait for home was stolen to know regret if you are too smart lock your let's together to calculate that a bill is like, you are willing to spend writes own children to go to all kinds of training classes that are very expensive, but you feel value because knowledge is priceless, and can give children bring capital and skills to survive is like, you like to own family they sell tens of thousands of insurance that is very expensive, but very value due to accident, illness in the family times much a life of security, if you still feel smart lock your that let's calculate a material account 6000 dollars at most is also an apple mobile phone two years would be the upgrading of a air conditioner more than 3000 a year at most, three month a platen washing machine is more than 3000 also use twice a week to do a hair also tube 200 a few months some of these some of the more expensive than smart locks with intelligent lock but the moment you buy almost didn't want to so many bought it and a smart lock around 3000 a press with ten years, eight years, 365 days a year, with ten years is 3000 present ( 365×10) = 0. That is 82 yuan per day for less than a dollar a day 3650 days will be able to enjoy peace, and convenient intelligent life and a smart lock up above with at least five or six times a day so calculate, with a just than a dime to calculate two account, I don't believe that you will feel 3000 intelligent lock is expensive
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