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Door lock solution!

by:FUYU     2020-03-05
It's hard to open the door lock. I believe most people have met this problem. It's very difficult to insert the key into the lock hole with the key in hand. It's useless to worry. If you use it harder, you can also turn the key off. In fact, in addition to the lock failure, there is another reason for the parts inside the lock, because of the rust caused by the moisture and dust in the air. Sanya lock company, you can use the following methods to try. A pencil, scrape the lead with a knife, and use the end of the pencil that falls on the paper for use. Pour the pencil end on the paper into the slot of the key, and then click it to save falling to the ground. After pouring, hold the key with the end of the pencil to the lock hole, and send the end of the pencil in a little. Move the key and try to insert it. The end of the pencil is gradually sent to the depth of the lock hole. You can also blow it inside. With the key constantly turning left and right, the rust inside will be gradually removed under the action of the pencil end. At this time, it's easy to open the door again. In the future, we should try this method first. Lock change Co., Ltd. is a company, 110 public security record of industrial and commercial registration of the regular unlock company. Outstanding quality and fashionable product appearance are well received by customers! Since our establishment in 12 years, we have trained a high-quality and efficient team. All employees not only strictly abide by the national laws and regulations and provide good service to customers, but also actively cooperate with the police in solving cases
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