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Driver wine driving lock cheat traffic police helpless please locksmith lock-Universal unlocking tool net

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-21
The police found a suspicious vehicle and let the driver come out. The driver just didn't come out. At the end, the police came out of the locksmith to help unlock the lock. At 22: 20, a silver-gray car had been pulled up, but the driver was still sitting in the car. The traffic police outside the car kept knocking on the window and asked them to open the door to cooperate with the inspection, but the people inside ignored it and kept on playing the mobile phone. A traffic police introduced that when they were on duty to check the drunk driving that night, they found that the car was somewhat suspicious. When they motioned to stop for inspection, they did not stop, finally, stop it at this intersection. ' He rolled the window of the car to a crack. When he heard that it was a drunk driver, he shook it up and never opened it again. 'The traffic police said. After that, the traffic police have been working, but the man just doesn't get off the bus. After the patrolman was called to jointly enforce the law, he still didn't mean to cooperate. In the process, the traffic police through the query, found that the license plate of this car does not exist. After confirming that there was a problem, he called the trailer, but the front wheels were all set up and the driver was still sitting inside. In order to prevent accidents, he had to call the locksmith to unlock the lock. At about 22: 25, an unlocking master arrived when he poked the tool into the keyhole and did not turn it. The man inside opened the car door himself, accepted the inspection and admitted drinking. The man was then taken to the Zhongshan district traffic police brigade for further investigation.
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