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Easy to buy unlocking tools? Haikou's unlocking

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
A long-term drug addict uses a professional unlocking tool to easily destroy the door lock of the household's anti-theft door and steal tens of thousands of yuan. When he committed the fifth crime, he was caught by the police on the spot. Recently, the court of Jinjiang District pronounced the case. The 'magic weapon' that the thief can easily enter other people's houses is actually a set of professional unlocking tools purchased from lotus pond. Yesterday, the reporter found that in the Chengdu market, the professional unlocking tools connected with the residents' anti-theft security interest can be easily bought. Many people said in an interview that legislation must be improved as soon as possible in order to completely regulate the management of the lock industry. In order to raise money for drugs, he went to a lock shop in lotus pond and bought a set of professional lock tools. He decided to steal. On November 14, last year, at about 2:00 p.m., Zhou Wenwu went to a residential area on Wenhua Road and aimed at a household of unit 4, building 3. After confirming that there was no one in the room, he took out a professional unlocking tool, damaged the lock of the anti-theft door several times, entered the room smoothly, and stole 1500 yuan and two 24K gold necklaces. Later, Zhou Wenwu began to commit crimes frequently. He took unlocking tools three times, infiltrated the community in jiulidi South Road, luojianian street and other places, carried out the theft plan as usual, and stole nearly ten thousand yuan in cash and goods. At noon on March 12 this year, Zhou Wenwu was arrested by the police again. Zhou Wenwu was forced to detoxify for half a year because of taking drugs. Two months later, he was arrested by Jinjiang Public Security Bureau on suspicion of burglary. Recently, in the first trial of Jinjiang court, Zhou Wenwu was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for the crime of trespassing into the house and two years' imprisonment for the crime of theft. He shall be punished for several crimes together, and shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and a fine of 5000 yuan. Investigate the flow of unlocking tools, sell them for tens of seconds, open the door, buy a set of unlocking tools, and enter other people's houses at will? Yesterday, reporters investigated the lock industry. There is a lock shop near the Tianya stone community. There is a wooden sign at the door that says 'unlock'. The reporter said to the lock master that he forgot to take the key and asked him to unlock the lock. 'Is it yours, in case you are a thief?' He looked up and down at the reporter. 'It's the house I rented. I'll show you my ID card.' After reading the ID card, the middle-aged man said: 'it's OK to unlock the lock. After opening it, you need to show me the key.' After the two sides negotiated a price of 50 yuan to open two doors, he took out a piece of wire and a tool similar to a screwdriver from the tool kit and inserted them into the lock hole to play. Bang, less than half a minute, the security door outside opened. The door inside opened for a long time. He took out a common plastic card and put it into the joint between the door lock and the door frame to beat the drum. About a minute later, the back door also opened. After entering the door, the man asked the reporter to come to the key and try on the two doors respectively. He could open both doors before collecting money to leave. He told reporters that unlocking tools are purchased from mobile vendors, and simple hooks and sticks are self-made. The training delivery tools only look at the ID card. In addition, there are many institutions in Chengdu that carry out unlock training. After inputting 'Chengdu unlock training' on the Internet, nearly 1000 pieces of relevant information were searched. According to the registration phone number of these training companies, the reporter found that the training time for unlocking was less than 1 day, more than half a month, and the tuition fee was also from 1800 yuan to 4000 yuan. In addition to the 'no criminal record certificate' issued by the local police station where the student's household registration is required by some companies, most training companies only require ID cards to learn. After learning, these training institutions will also give students a set of professional unlocking tools free of charge. As for whether the trainees are engaged in proper occupation or carry out theft, they generally do not care. Wang Xianjun, general manager of a lock unlocking Service Co., Ltd. in Chengdu, told reporters that at present, the industry of lock repairmen in Chengdu has not formed any working standards. 'For different types of customers who require unlocking, they will be required to provide different certificates.' Wang said that for most unlock shops or companies, they will do so. However, there are also a small number of mercenaries who do not need customers to show any documents or even sell unlocking tools around. The special action of Chengdu Administration of industry and Commerce has attracted the attention of Chengdu Administration of industry and commerce. Recently, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the notice on carrying out the special action of clearing and rectifying the operation behavior of unlocking operation industry, which is a special action of clearing and rectifying the operation behavior of unlocking industry in the whole city. According to the report, without the approval of the relevant departments, those who set up unlock business units to engage in unlock business activities or operate without license will be banned according to law; those who cause illegal and criminal activities will be investigated and punished, and those who constitute crimes will be transferred to the judicial organs in time; those who do not meet the conditions of industrial and commercial registration will not be granted business licenses. Reporters in Chengdu Bureau of industry and commerce website for enterprise information query found that the city will 'unlock' as the business scope of only one enterprise. The root law 'blank' unlocking industry is in urgent need of standardization. According to a police officer from the public security brigade of Jinjiang Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, 'unlocking' industry has no clear industry management department at present, nor belongs to the special industry management category of public security department. To unlock a company, you only need to register with the administration of industry and commerce, without the approval of the public security department. When the lock company breaks the rules in the service
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