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Efficient distribution of modern lock industry magazine

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2010-03- 23 Source: modern lock industry network browsing: 478 comments: 0 Core tip: Since the establishment of modern lock industry, it has always insisted on efficient multi-channel, dynamic and directional distribution. Multi-Channel reading in order to make it faster and more prepared and convenient for customers in the industry to read, the customer service distribution department of nakke International has added multiple channels of reading, new customers submit online application, QQ, mail, peer media publications, etc. , and old customers can ask for access by returning the free application form in the business magazine and replying to the text message. Asking for letters, emails, IM or QQ and other network timely communication tools, professional and meticulous verification, lock industry user data and a large number of return requests, the hacker distribution department has arranged special personnel to conduct telephone review and verification to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the 'modern lock industry. The staff is reviewing the delivery situation, accurate and effective delivery, 'modern lock industry' issued major exhibitions, mailing, special delivery, Advertiser naming gifts, etc. Bulk mailing, the grand occasion was distributed at the exhibition. The elite of the customers were enthusiastically introducing to the customers. The modern lock industry was touring to attract attention. The customers stopped to browse the business content, and the modern lock industry mobile book was promoted, modern lock Industry Participates in Guangzhou construction fair, overseas buyers pay attention to modern lock industry
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