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Eighty yuan of the following indoor door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-27
Indoor door lock is very common hardware in the home, eighty yuan of the following indoor door lock has a lot of can choose, some people will say that eighty yuan will indoor door lock quality is too bad, in a few years is bad, after all, the price is not high. That is not comprehensive, customers need to know is ex-factory price is 80 yuan, or the retail price. Ex-factory price and retail price, there is a big difference between the indoor door lock the retail price of 80 yuan, the factory price is 40 yuan, you may even lower, of course, the quality is not the same.     Eighty yuan of the following indoor door lock, find a factory or more service, first of all take the same money can buy a better product, save more purchase cost; In addition because the manufacturer produces its own interior door lock, technicians are complete, don't have to worry about the door would not install nobody taught, lock is broken can fix the problem such as, all of which is easy for the factory. Eighty yuan of indoor door lock fu yu hardware has dozens of models, both the fission, a body or other structures, and also support private ordering service, customers want to what kind of lock, with what kind of material production, can be solved.     Eighty yuan of the following indoor door lock, can directly ask rich yu hardware online customer service, customer service will lock in this price range are find out, to the customer, and we are the manufacturer of self-marketing, are factory price, don't worry about quality.
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