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Electronic door lock teaches you the correct way to lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-31
How do you lock up when you go out? At first glance, this question is very mentally retarded. The series of actions of 'go out, take out the key, unlock, and pull out the key' is familiar to most people, but smart locks tell you that these steps can be more 'simple and rude.' Handle smart lock: It is easy to lift and reverse lock and most mechanical lock handles can only control the self-elastic bolt, and the main bolt also needs to be controlled with a key. The handle-type smart lock is different. When you go out, the door will not be locked automatically when you close the door, but after you lift the handle, the smart lock can be locked without taking out the key. In this way, it can keep the state of pressing and opening, and it can also be more convenient to go out. The hand-held smart lock can be locked by lifting, but a few smart locks have not added this function, you need to consult the sales staff before purchasing or experience it yourself. Push-pull/automatic smart lock: what is anti-lock? Tasty? Unlike hand-held smart locks, push-pull and fully automatic smart locks obscure the concept of anti-lock, and the 'push-pull' action of the push-pull lock is only used to open the door. When closing the door, the self-elastic bolt will detect the closed state and eject the main bolt. When opening the door, these two smart locks will retract the two bolts at the same time. The automatic smart lock can realize automatic locking, which not only obscures the concept of anti-locking (the anti-locking switch is only reserved on the indoor panel), but also further simplifies the steps of closing the door and realizes the convenience of 'close the door and go'.
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